Microsoft Teams 中适用于应用的管理设置Admin settings for apps in Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams 管理中心正在逐步替换 Skype for Business 管理中心,并且我们正在将 Teams 设置从 Microsoft 365 管理中心迁移到其中。The Microsoft Teams admin center is gradually replacing the Skype for Business admin center, and we're migrating Teams settings to it from the Microsoft 365 admin center. 某项设置迁移完成后,你将收到通知,并被定向到该设置在 Teams 管理中心的位置。If a setting has been migrated, you'll see a notification and then be directed to the setting's location in the Teams admin center. 有关详细信息,请参阅在过渡到 Teams 管理中心期间管理 TeamsFor more information, see Manage Teams during the transition to the Teams admin center.

应用为组织提供开箱即用的工具,以进一Teams。Apps provide out-of-the-box tools for your organization to get more out of Teams. 这些应用结合了由 Microsoft 提供的选项卡、消息传送扩展、连接器和机器人的功能,这些功能由第三方构建,或者由组织中的开发人员提供。These apps combine the functionality of tabs, messaging extensions, connectors, and bots provided by Microsoft, built by a third-party, or by developers in your organization.

在管理中心内为组织管理 Teams 应用。You manage apps for your organization in Teams apps in the admin center. (请参阅使用 Teams 管理员角色管理Teams以阅读有关获取管理员角色和权限的信息。) 例如,可以在组织级别允许或阻止应用,设置策略以控制可供 Teams 用户使用的应用,以及通过固定对用户最重要的应用来自定义 Teams。(See Use Teams administrator roles to manage Teams to read about getting admin roles and permissions.) For example, you can allow or block apps at the org level, set policies to control what apps are available to Teams users, and customize Teams by pinning the apps that are most important for your users.

我们正在不断改进应用体验,Teams添加特性和功能。We're continually improving the app experience in Teams and adding features and functionality. 随着时间的推移,我们将构建其他应用管理功能,因此请返回查看有关应用策略最新信息。Over time, we'll be building additional app management capabilities, so check back for the most up-to-date information on app policies.

管理应用Manage apps

使用 "管理应用"页查看和管理Teams应用程序目录中的所有应用。Use the Manage apps page to view and manage all Teams apps in your organization's app catalog. 可以在组织级别查看应用的状态和属性、在组织级别阻止或允许应用、将新的自定义应用上传到租户目录,以及管理组织范围内的应用设置。You can see the org-level status and properties of apps, block or allow apps at the org level, upload new custom apps to your tenant catalog, and manage org-wide app settings.

" 管理应用 "页面提供了租户目录中所有可用应用的视图,为你提供确定允许或阻止整个组织哪些应用时需要的信息。The Manage apps page gives you a view into all available apps in your tenant catalog, providing you with the information you need to decide which apps to allow or block across your organization. 然后,可以使用 应用权限策略应用设置策略和自定义应用策略 设置为组织中特定用户配置应用体验。You can then use app permission policies, app setup policies, and custom app policies and settings to configure the app experience for specific users in your organization.

若要了解有关详细信息,请参阅在 Teams 中管理应用To learn more, see Manage apps in Teams.

应用权限策略App permission policies

使用应用权限策略,可以控制哪些应用可供组织的特定用户使用。With app permission policies, you can control what apps are available to specific users in your organization. 你可以允许或阻止 Microsoft、第三方和你的组织发布的所有应用或特定应用。You can allow or block all apps or specific apps published by Microsoft, third-parties, and your organization.

例如,可以使用应用权限策略来:For example, you can use app permission policies to:

  • 逐渐向特定用户推出新的第三方或自定义生成应用。Gradually roll out new third-party or custom built apps to specific users.
  • 简化用户体验,尤其是当您开始在整个组织中Teams时。Simplify the user experience, especially when you start rolling out Teams across your organization.

若要了解有关详细信息,请转到在中管理应用权限Teams。To learn more, go to Manage app permission policies in Teams.

应用设置策略App setup policies

应用设置策略允许为用户自定义应用体验。App setup policies let you customize the app experience for your users. 在 Web 客户端、桌面客户端和移动Teams选择要固定到应用栏的应用及其显示顺序。You choose the apps that you want to pin to the app bar in the Teams clients and the order in which they appear, on web, desktop, and mobile clients.

下面是一些如何使用应用设置策略的示例:Here's some examples of how you can use app setup policies:

  • 促进核心应用的认知和采用。Drive awareness and adoption of core apps. 例如,为 HR 团队中的用户固定自定义招聘和才能管理应用。For example, pin a custom recruiting and talent management app for users on your HR team.
  • 选择性地固定Teams聊天、聊天和Teams等功能。Selectively pin core Teams features, such as Chat, Teams, and Calling. 这样做有助于确保用户参与特定活动Teams。Doing so can help ensure users are engaged in specific activities within Teams.

若要了解有关详细信息,请查看在 应用中管理应用Teams。To learn more, check out Manage app setup policies in Teams.

自定义应用策略和设置Custom app policies and settings

Teams允许组织中开发人员生成、测试自定义应用,以及将自定义应用部署到其他用户。Teams allows developers in your organization to build, test, and deploy custom apps to other users. 可以通过将应用包Teams文件直接上传到团队.zip个人上下文中,将自定义应用添加到自定义应用。Custom apps can be added to Teams by uploading an app package in a .zip file directly to a team or in the personal context. 可以使用应用设置策略来控制组织中哪些人可以上传自定义应用。You can use app setup policies to control who in your organization can upload custom apps. 还可以设置组织范围的设置,以控制用户是否可以与特定的自定义应用交互。You can also set org-wide settings to control whether users can interact with specific custom apps.

若要了解有关详细信息,请转到管理应用中的自定义应用策略Teams。To learn more, go to Manage custom app policies and settings in Teams.