Azure Stack HCI 计费和付款Azure Stack HCI billing and payment

适用于:Azure Stack HCI,版本 20H2Applies to: Azure Stack HCI, version 20H2

Azure Stack HCI 是一项 Azure 服务,与其他 Azure 服务一样,要进行 Azure 订阅计费。Azure Stack HCI is an Azure service that goes on your Azure subscription bill just like any other Azure service. 不需要传统的本地软件许可证,尽管来宾虚拟机 (VM) 可能要求执行单独的操作系统许可操作。No traditional on-premises software license is required, although guest virtual machines (VMs) may require individual operating system licensing. 货币和折扣由 Azure Commerce 计费平台集中处理,客户会在月底获得一个综合的明细账单。Currencies and discounts are handled centrally by the Azure Commerce billing platform, and the customer gets one unified, itemized bill at the end of the month.

Azure Stack HCI 对什么收费?What does Azure Stack HCI charge for?

对于已在使用 Azure 或任何其他云服务的客户来说,Azure Stack HCI 的云式计费模型并不陌生,是具有一致性和易于使用的模型。Azure Stack HCI's cloud-style billing model is consistent, familiar, and easy for customers already using Azure or any other cloud service. 根据 Azure Stack HCI 群集中的每个物理处理器核心按固定费率计费,如果使用其他 Azure 服务) ,则需要支付额外的使用费用 (。Billing is based on a flat rate per physical processor core in an Azure Stack HCI cluster (additional usage charges apply if you use other Azure services).

定价模型不同于基于使用情况或基于消耗量的计费(基于 VM 数量)。The pricing model is different from a usage-based or consumption-based billing that's based on the number of VMs. 虽然虚拟处理器内核 (VCPU) 数可能会在一个月内发生变化,但它不会影响你为 Azure Stack HCI 支付的价格:你仍按群集中存在的物理内核数付费。While the number of virtual processor cores (VCPUs) may vary over the course of the month, it doesn't affect the price you pay for Azure Stack HCI: you still pay based on the number of physical cores that are present in the cluster.

Azure Stack HCI 计费模型的优点Advantages of the Azure Stack HCI billing model

  • 该计费模型很简单:不设有关内存、存储或网络流入量/流出量的最小值、最大值以及任何数学计算。It's simple: There's no minimum, no maximum, and no math with memory, storage, or network ingress/egress.
  • 虚拟化基础架构运行效率越高、虚拟到物理密度越高,通过该模型受益的程度就越高。It rewards customers who run their virtualization infrastructure more efficiently, with higher virtual-to-physical density.
  • 很容易计算本地 Azure Stack HCI 部署的成本,并且从网络边缘到数据中心,成本的改变是可以预测的。It’s easy to figure out how much your on-premises Azure Stack HCI deployment will cost, and costs scale predictably from the network edge to the data center.

如何估算处理器核心数How the number of processor cores is assessed

为确定群集中存在多少内核,Azure Stack HCI 会定期检查物理内核的数量,并报告给 Azure。To determine how many cores are present in a cluster, Azure Stack HCI periodically checks the number of physical cores and reports them to Azure. 如果只是偶尔进行连接或发生连接中断,请不要担心;它始终会在稍后重试。If you're only occasionally connected or your connection is interrupted, don't worry; it can always try again later. 可以一次上传几天或几周的核心数据。Days or weeks of core data can be uploaded at once. 客户必须至少每 30 天连接到 Azure 一次,这样系统才能完成计费。Customers must connect to Azure at least once every 30 days to allow for billing.

若要手动将核心数据上传到 Azure,请使用 Sync-AzureStackHCI cmdlet。To manually upload core data to Azure, use the Sync-AzureStackHCI cmdlet.


  • 如果我已经有了一个 Azure 订阅,是否可以将它用于 Azure Stack HCI?If I already have an Azure subscription, can I use it for Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • 如果我的组织的财务部门已批准在 Azure 上支出,这是否会涵盖 Azure Stack HCI?If my organization’s finance department already approved spending on Azure, does that cover Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • 如果我有 Azure 承诺使用费,是否可以将其用于 Azure Stack HCI?If I have an Azure commitment to spend, can I use that toward Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • 如果我有 Azure 额度(例如面向学生的或作为奖励授予的),是否可以将其用于 Azure Stack HCI?If I have Azure credits (e.g. for students, or awarded as a prize) can I use that toward Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • 如果我的组织获得了企业协议折扣,这是否适用于 Azure Stack HCI?If my organization negotiated an Enterprise Agreement discount, does that apply to Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • Azure 门户成本管理工具是否适用于 Azure Stack HCI?Do the Azure portal cost management tools work for Azure Stack HCI? Yes
  • 使用 Azure 计费 API 构建的第三方或自定义工具是否适用于 Azure Stack HCI?Do third-party or custom tools built with the Azure billing APIs work for Azure Stack HCI? Yes

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