Azure Stack HCI 数据收集Azure Stack HCI data collection

适用于:Azure Stack HCI,版本 20H2Applies to: Azure Stack HCI, version 20H2

本主题介绍收集的必要数据,以保持 Azure Stack HCI 安全、最新,以及在2020年12月公开上市 (GA) 。This topic describes required data collected to keep Azure Stack HCI secure, up to date, and working as expected for General Availability (GA) in December 2020.

Microsoft 提供 Azure Stack HCI 需要下述数据。The data described below is required for Microsoft to provide Azure Stack HCI. 每日收集一次此数据,并且可以在事件日志中查看数据收集事件。This data is collected once a day, and data collection events can be viewed in the event logs. Azure Stack HCI 收集使群集保持最新、安全和正常运行所需的最小数据。Azure Stack HCI collects the minimum data required to keep your clusters up to date, secure, and operating properly.


下面所述的 Azure Stack HCI 收集的数据独立于 Windows 诊断数据,可针对各种级别的集合进行配置。The data described below that Azure Stack HCI collects is independent from Windows diagnostic data, which can be configured for various levels of collection. 在 Azure Stack HCI 中,Windows 诊断数据收集的默认设置是) 的安全 (,这意味着除非管理员更改诊断数据设置,否则不会发送 Windows 诊断数据。In Azure Stack HCI, the default setting for Windows diagnostic data collection is Security (off), meaning that no Windows diagnostic data is sent unless the administrator changes the diagnostic data settings. 有关详细信息,请参阅配置组织中的 Windows 诊断数据For more information, see Configure Windows diagnostic data in your organization. Microsoft 是与 Azure Stack HCI 连接的任何 Windows 诊断数据的独立控制器。Microsoft is an independent controller of any Windows diagnostic data collected in connection with Azure Stack HCI. Microsoft 将根据 Microsoft 隐私声明处理 Windows 诊断数据。Microsoft will handle the Windows diagnostic data in accordance with the Microsoft Privacy Statement.

数据收集和常驻Data collection and residency

此 Azure Stack HCI 数据:This Azure Stack HCI data:

  • 在将产品注册到 Azure 之前,不会将其发送给 Microsoft。is not sent to Microsoft until the product is registered with Azure. 取消注册 Azure Stack HCI 后,此数据收集将停止。When Azure Stack HCI is unregistered, this data collection stops.
  • 记录到 Test-azurestack-HCI/分析事件通道。is logged to the Microsoft-AzureStack-HCI/Analytic event channel.
  • 采用 JSON 格式,因此系统管理员可以检查和分析要发送的数据。is in JSON format, so that system administrators can examine and analyze the data being sent.
  • 存储在安全的 Microsoft 运营数据中心的美国中。is stored within the United States in a secure Microsoft-operated datacenter.

数据保留Data retention

Azure Stack HCI 收集此数据后,会将其保留90天。Once Azure Stack HCI collects this data, it is retained for 90 days. 聚合的、取消识别的数据可能会保留更长的时间。Aggregated, de-identified data may be kept longer.

收集什么数据?What data is collected?

Azure Stack HCI 收集:Azure Stack HCI collects:

  • 有关服务器的信息,如操作系统版本、处理器型号、处理器核心数、内存大小、群集标识符和硬件 ID 的哈希Information about servers such as operating system version, processor model, number of processor cores, memory size, cluster identifier, and hash of hardware ID
  • 安装 Azure Stack HCI 服务器功能的列表 (例如 BitLocker) List of installed Azure Stack HCI server features (e.g. BitLocker)
  • 计算 Azure Stack HCI 操作系统的可靠性所需的信息Information necessary to compute the reliability of the Azure Stack HCI operating system
  • 计算运行状况收集数据的可靠性所需的信息Information necessary to compute the reliability of the health collection data
  • 从事件日志中收集的用于特定错误的信息,如更新下载失败Information gathered from the event log for specific errors, such as update download failed
  • 有关计算存储可靠性的信息Information for computing storage reliability
  • 用于计算物理磁盘可靠性的信息Information for computing physical disk reliability
  • 有关计算卷加密可靠性的信息Information for computing the reliability of volume encryption
  • 用于计算存储空间修复的可靠性和性能的信息Information for computing the reliability and performance of Storage Spaces repair
  • 用于验证 Azure Stack HCI 操作系统安全性的信息Information to validate security of the Azure Stack HCI operating system
  • 用于计算 Azure Stack HCI 操作系统的防病毒/反恶意软件状态的可靠性的信息Information to compute reliability of the antivirus/antimalware state of the Azure Stack HCI operating system
  • 用于关联网络组件可靠性的信息Information to correlate reliability of the networking components
  • 要关联网络性能的信息Information to correlate networking performance
  • 与更新和安装的可靠性关联的信息Information to correlate reliability of updates and installations
  • 用于测量 Hyper-v 可靠性的信息Information to measure reliability of Hyper-V
  • 用于测量/关联群集组件可靠性的信息Information to measure/correlate reliability of the clustering components
  • 跟踪群集感知更新是否成功 (CAU) 功能的信息Information to track the success of the Cluster Aware Updating (CAU) feature
  • 用于测量/关联灾难恢复功能的可靠性的信息Information to measure/correlate the reliability of the Disaster Recovery feature
  • 描述应用于 Azure Stack HCI 服务器的 SMB 带宽限制的信息Information to describe the SMB Bandwidth limits applied to Azure Stack HCI servers

查看此数据View this data

  1. 使用以下 PowerShell 命令启用分析日志:Enable the analytic log using the following PowerShell command:

    wevtutil sl Microsoft-AzureStack-HCI/Analytic /e:True
  2. 查看日志以查看收集的数据:View the log to see the collected data:

    Get-WinEvent -LogName Microsoft-AzureStack-HCI/Analytic -Oldest
  3. 设置要导出的数据的格式:Format the data for exporting:

    Get-WinEvent -LogName Microsoft-AzureStack-HCI/Analytic -Oldest `
    | Where-Object Id -eq 802 `
    | ForEach-Object { 
        [pscustomobject] @{
            TimeCreated = $_.TimeCreated 

输出应类似于:The output should look something like this:

TimeCreated            EventName                                                  Value
-----------            ---------                                                  -----
11/16/2020 10:36:28 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.Core                   {"OEMName":"Microsoft Corporation"...
11/16/2020 10:36:28 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.ProductFeatures        {"InstalledFeatures":["Server-Core...
11/16/2020 10:36:28 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.OSReliability          {"DailyDirtyRestarts":0,"WeeklyDir...
11/16/2020 10:36:28 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.DiagnosticHealth       {"DailySuccessfulDiagnosticUploads...
11/16/2020 10:36:28 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.ErrorSummary           {"ErrorSummary":[{"EventName":"Win...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.VolumeSummary          {"VolumeCount":2,"HealthyVolumeCou...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.DiskSummary            {"DiskCount":33,"Summary":[]}
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.BitlockerVolumeSummary {"BitlockerVolumeCount":0,"Summary...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.StorageErrors          {"ErrorSummary":[{"EventName":"Sto...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.StorageRepairSummary   {"DailyRepairStartCount":0,"Weekly...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.TrustedPlatformModule  {"Manufacturer":"MSFT","Manufactur...
11/16/2020 10:36:29 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.MicrosoftDefender      {"AMEngineVersion":"1.1.17600.5","...
11/16/2020 10:36:30 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.NetworkInfo            {"NetworkDirect":true,"NetworkDire...
11/16/2020 10:36:30 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.NetworkAdapterSummary  {"NetworkAdapterGroup":[{"DriverNa...
11/16/2020 10:36:30 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.OSDeploy               {"OSInstallType":0}
11/16/2020 10:36:30 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.ClusterProperties      {"Id":"fd2fc061-b924-4d61-a45b-3b3...
11/16/2020 10:36:30 AM Microsoft.AzureStack.HCI.Diagnostic.DisasterRecovery       {"IsDisasterRecoveryEnabled":false...