Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 概述Overview of Rights Management Services SDK 2.1

Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 是一种信息保护技术,可帮助保护数字信息免遭未经授权的使用。Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 is an information protection technology that helps safeguard digital information from unauthorized use. 通过启用权限的应用程序,内容所有者将能够定义可以对内容进行打开、修改、打印、转发或执行其他操作的人员。Through your rights-enabled application, content owners will be able to define who can open, modify, print, forward, or take other actions with the content.

AD RMS 由 服务器客户端 组件组成。AD RMS consists of both server and client components. 此服务器在 Azure 或 Windows Server 上运行,由多个 Web 服务组成。The server, running on Azure or Windows Server, consists of multiple web services.

客户端组件可以在客户端或服务器操作系统上运行,包含使应用程序可以加密和解密内容、检索模板和吊销列表、从服务器获取许可证和证书以及执行其他相关权限管理任务的功能。The client component can be run on either a client or server operating system and contains functions that enable an application to encrypt and decrypt content, retrieve templates and revocation lists, acquire licenses and certificates from a server, and other related rights management tasks.

有关详细信息,请参阅 应用程序类型For more information, see Application types.

以下只是几个可以应用在 Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 上构建的应用程序的方案。The following are just a few of the scenarios to which applications built on the Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 can be applied.

  • 一个律师事务所希望阻止打印或转发敏感电子邮件消息。A law firm wants to prevent sensitive email messages from being printed or forwarded.
  • 计算机辅助设计和制造软件的开发人员希望限制只有研发部门的一小组用户无需使用密码即可访问图纸。The developers of computer-aided design and manufacturing software want to limit drawing access to a small group of users within the research division without requiring the use of passwords.
  • 图形设计网站的所有者希望使用单个许可证,该许可证允许免费查看其图像的较低分辨率副本,但需要付费才能访问高分辨率版本。The owners of a graphic design website want to use a single license that allows free viewing of low-resolution copies of their images but requires payment for access to the high-resolution versions.
  • 联机文档库的所有者希望基于用户身份启用查看、打印或编辑文档的权限。The owners of an online document library want to enable rights to view, print, or edit documents based on the identity of the user.
  • 公司希望将敏感员工信息发布到将查看和编辑权限限制到特定用户的内部网站。A corporation wants to publish sensitive employee information to an internal website that restricts viewing and editing privileges to certain users.

有关 AD RMS 服务器、AD RMS 客户端及其功能的详细信息,请参阅 TechNet 内容以获取针对 AD RMS 的 IT 专业人员文档For more information on AD RMS server, AD RMS client and their functionality, see the TechNet content for IT Pro documentation for AD RMS.

本部分中的其余主题将介绍 RMS 体系结构及其实现。The remaining topics in this section cover the RMS Architecture and its implementations.

在本节中In this section

主题Topic 说明Description
客户端Client 本主题介绍 Rights Management Services 客户端 2.1 的用途和功能This topic describes the purpose and function of the Rights Management Service Client 2.1
ServerServer 本主题介绍适用于 Azure 和 Windows Server 的 RMS 服务器的用途和功能。This topic describes the purpose and functions of the RMS Server; for Azure and Windows Server.