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市场常见问题解答Marketplace FAQs

有关 Microsoft Azure 市场的常见问题的解答。Answers to common questions about the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

面向客户的常见问题解答FAQ for customers

需要了解哪些有关 Azure 市场的信息What you need to know about Azure Marketplace

什么是 Azure 市场?What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure 市场中可以访问 Microsoft 及其合作伙伴提供的解决方案和服务,以及获取其相关信息。Azure Marketplace provides access and information on solutions and services available from Microsoft and our partners. 客户(IT 专业人员和开发人员)可以发现,尝试购买构建于 Azure 或为 Azure 构建的云软件解决方案。Customers (IT professionals and developers) can discover, try to buy cloud software solutions built on or built for Azure. 我们的目录包含 8,000 多款商品,提供虚拟机 (VM)、API、Azure 应用、解决方案模板等 Azure 构建基块,以及托管应用程序、SaaS 应用、容器和咨询服务。Our catalog of 8,000+ listings provides Azure building blocks, such as Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, Azure apps, Solution Templates and managed applications, SaaS apps, containers, and consulting services.

谁是 Azure 市场客户?Who are Azure Marketplace customers?

Azure 市场主要面向对商用 IT 软件和服务感兴趣的 IT 专业人员与云开发人员。Azure Marketplace is designed for IT professionals and cloud developers who are interested in commercial IT software and services.

Azure 市场目前提供哪些类型的产品?What type of products are currently available in the Azure Marketplace?

Azure 市场提供 Microsoft 和合作伙伴为扩展 Azure 产品和服务而构建的技术解决方案和服务。The Azure Marketplace offers technical solutions and services from Microsoft and partners built to extend Azure products and services. 解决方案目录涵盖多个类别,包括但不限于:The solution catalog spans several categories, including but not limited to:

  • 基础操作系统base operating systems
  • databsesdatabases
  • 安全性security
  • identityidentity
  • 网络networking
  • 区块链blockchain
  • 开发人员工具developer tools
  • and more

Azure 市场提供 SaaS 应用程序、虚拟机、解决方案模板、Azure 托管应用程序和咨询服务。Azure Marketplace offers SaaS applications, Virtual Machines, Solution Templates, Azure-Managed applications, and consulting services.

面向客户的 Azure 市场Azure Marketplace for Customers

如何开始使用 Azure 市场?How do I get started in Azure Marketplace?

访问 Azure 市场可以找到各种经过认证和优化、可在 Azure 上运行的企业应用程序与解决方案。You can find a wide range of enterprise applications and solutions that are certified and optimized to run on Azure, by visiting Azure Marketplace. 创建资源时,还可以通过Azure 门户访问 Azure Marketplace。Azure Marketplace can also be accessed through the Azure portal when you create a resource.

Azure 市场的关键优势是什么?What are the key benefits of Azure Marketplace?

通过 Azure 市场,客户可以发现针对 Azure 构建的或者在 Azure 上构建的技术应用程序。With Azure Marketplace, customers can discover technical applications built for or built on Azure. 它将 Microsoft Azure 的解决方案和服务市场整合到一个统一的平台中,只需单击几下鼠标即可发现、试用、购买或部署解决方案。It combines Microsoft Azure's market of solutions and services into a single, unified platform to discover, try, buy, or deploy solutions in just a few clicks.

如何从 Azure 市场购买产品?How do I purchase products from the Azure Marketplace?

可通过以下方式购买 Azure 市场套餐:Azure Marketplace offers can be purchased through:


预付额度和其他形式的货币承诺不能用于支付软件许可证费用,但可用于支付相关 Azure 使用费。Prepaid credits and other forms of monetary commitment cannot be used to pay for software license fees, but can be used to pay associated Azure usage charges. Azure 货币承诺中列出了例外项目。Exceptions are listed in Azure monetary commitment.

能否选择要部署 Azure Marketplace 购买的 Azure 区域?Can I choose which Azure region(s) to deploy my Azure Marketplace purchase?

客户可以选择部署到其启用的任何 Azure 数据中心区域。The customer has the option of deploying to any Azure data center region they enable. 我们建议选择距离服务最近的数据中心位置,以优化性能和控制预算。We recommend selecting the data center locations closest to your services to optimize performance and control budget.

如果意外删除了 Azure Marketplace 购买,可以撤消此操作吗?If I accidentally delete an Azure Marketplace purchase, can I undo the action?

不能,删除操作是永久性的。No, deletions are final. 如果意外删除了订阅,可以重新购买。If a subscription is accidentally deleted, it can be repurchased. 任何未使用的功能或预付费服务将会丢失。Any unused functionality or prepaid services are lost.

如果我尝试删除我的另一个应用程序正使用的 Azure 市场购买内容,是否会收到警告?Am I warned if I try to delete an Azure Marketplace purchase that is in use by one of my applications?

否。删除购买内容时,Azure 不会发出警告,即使该购买内容正在使用中,或者应用程序依赖于它。No, Azure provides no warning when deleting a purchase, even if it is currently in use, or an application is dependent upon.

如果我的 Azure 市场购买内容有任何对其他资产的依赖项(如 Azure 网站),我必须管理这些依赖项吗?If my Azure Marketplace purchase has any dependencies on other assets such as an Azure website, do I have to manage them?

不会自动管理 Azure 市场套餐的相关依赖项。Dependencies are not automatically managed for Azure Marketplace offerings. 请在使用之前仔细查看 Azure 市场购买内容的说明,以确定是否有你应在部署之前注意的任何依赖项。Carefully review the description of Azure Marketplace purchase before using it to determine if there are any dependencies needed prior to deploying the solution.

可从 Azure 云解决方案提供商处购买 Azure 市场解决方案吗?Can I buy Azure Marketplace solutions from an Azure Cloud Solution Provider?

如果发布者已将产品/服务配置为可通过云解决方案提供商(CSP)通道获得,则云解决方案提供商合作伙伴可以选择转售解决方案。If the publisher has configured their offering to be available through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) channel, Cloud Solution Provider partners have the option of reselling the solution.

支持哪些国家/地区购买通过 Azure Marketplace 销售/设置的应用程序和服务?What countries/regions are supported for purchasing applications and services sold/provisioned through the Azure Marketplace?

Azure Marketplace 适用于参与策略中列出的国家/地区中的 azure 客户。Azure Marketplace is available to Azure customers in the countries/regions listed in the participation policies.

Azure Marketplace 支持哪些货币?What currencies are supported by Azure Marketplace?

可以采用以下17个货币进行事务:AUD、BRL、CAD、CHF、克朗、EUR、GBP、INR、JPY、韩元、NOK、NZD、卢布、SEK、台币、USD、RMB。Transactions can be conducted in the following 17 currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, KRW, NOK, NZD, RUB, SEK, TWD, USD, RMB.

从 Azure 市场部署解决方案Deploying a solution from Azure Marketplace

我已将一个 Azure 市场虚拟机 (VM) 部署到一个订阅,现在我想将该订阅从一个 Azure 帐户迁移到另一个。当前支持此操作吗?I have deployed an Azure Marketplace Virtual Machine (VM) to a subscription, and I now want to migrate the subscription from one Azure account to another. Is this currently supported?

若要迁移 Azure 订阅(包括 Azure 市场 VM 和服务),请先删除或取消任何旧版 Azure 市场 VM 和服务,然后再关联到新的 Azure 帐户。To migrate an Azure subscription, including Azure Marketplace VMs and services, delete or cancel any prior Azure subscription before associating to the new Azure Account. 迁移完成后,将使用新的已注册帐户付款方式对产生的用量收费进行计费。Once the migration is completed, resulting usage fees are billed using the new registered account's method of payment.

我希望将 Azure 市场虚拟机 (VM) 订阅迁移到企业协议。当前支持此操作吗?I want to migrate an Azure Marketplace Virtual Machine (VM) subscription to my Enterprise Agreement. Is this currently supported?

若要将 Azure 市场虚拟机 (VM) 订阅迁移到企业协议,请在迁移之前停止或取消任何旧版订阅。To migrate an Azure Marketplace Virtual Machine (VM) subscription to an Enterprise Agreement, stop or cancel any prior subscription before the migration. Azure 帐户和关联订阅的迁移完成后,即可重新购买 Azure Marketplace VM 或服务。Once the migration of your Azure account and associated subscriptions is complete, you can repurchase the Azure Marketplace VM or service. 将根据企业协议按季度计收产生的使用费。The resulting usage fees are billed quarterly under your Enterprise Agreement.

定价与付款Pricing and payment

Azure 市场订阅如何收费?How are Azure Marketplace subscriptions priced?

定价因产品类型和发布者规格而异。Pricing varies based on product types and publisher specifications. 通过 Azure 订阅单独收取软件许可证费用和 Azure 使用成本。Software license fees and Azure usage costs are charged separately through your Azure subscription.


  • 自带许可(BYOL)模型:从发布者或经销商处直接获得软件许可证时,不会收取与软件相关的任何其他费用。Bring-your-own-license (BYOL) model: When obtaining a software license directly from the publisher or a reseller, there are no additional software-related charges or fees.


与发布者的独立软件供应商(ISV)解决方案定价一起提供 Azure 订阅。Azure subscription is included with the publisher's Independent Software Vendors (ISV) solution pricing.


  • 免费:免费 SKU。Free: Free SKU. 不会因客户使用套餐而向其收取软件许可证费用。No charges are applied for software license fees or usage of the offering.

  • 免费软件试用: 在有限时间段内免费提供套餐。Free software trial: An offer that is free for a limited period. 在试用期期间,将不收取发布者的软件许可费用。There is no charge for the publisher's software license fees for use during the trial period. 在试用期过后,将自动根据发布者提出的标准费率向使用套餐的客户收费。Upon expiration, it automatically converts to a paid offer based on standard rates issued by the publisher.

  • 基于用量:基于套餐的使用程度收费或计费。Usage-Based: Rates are charged or billed based on the extent usage of the offering. 对于虚拟机映像,将按小时收费。For Virtual Machines Images, it is charged on an hourly fee. 对于开发者服务和 API,将按套餐定义的度量单位收费。For Developer services and APIs, it is charged per unit of measurement as defined by the offering.

  • 固定费用: SaaS 订阅可以定价为按月或按年计费的固定费用。Flat fee: SaaS subscriptions can be priced as a flat fee that is billed monthly or annually. 这也可能包括根据消耗量收费的其他计费维度(例如,带宽、电子邮件或票证)。This can also include additional billing dimensions that charge according to consumption (for example, bandwidth, emails, or tickets).

  • 每用户: SaaS 订阅可以按用户定价,每月或每年按用户计费。Per-user: SaaS subscriptions can be priced on a per-user basis that is billed monthly or annually.

可在上https://azure.microsoft.com/pricing/Azure 门户中的解决方案详细信息页上找到产品/服务的定价详细信息。Offer-specific pricing details can be found on the solution details page on https://azure.microsoft.com/pricing/ or within the Azure portal.


除每月费用外,除非另有说明,Azure 使用费适用于所有定价模型。Except for monthly fees, Azure usage charges are applicable to all pricing models unless otherwise stated.

如何为 BYOL 市场解决方案提供软件许可证密钥,Azure 市场发挥哪种作用?How should I provide my software license key for BYOL marketplace solutions and what role does Azure Marketplace play?

BYOL 解决方案许可证凭据的获取和实施由发布者负责。Acquisition and enforcement of license credentials for BYOL solutions are the responsibility of the publisher. 对于虚拟机产品/服务,在应用程序启动后,获取许可证密钥通常会出现在发布服务器的应用程序中。For Virtual Machine offers, the acquisition of the license key typically occurs in the publisher's application after the application has started. 使用通过 Azure 应用程序解决方案模板部署的虚拟机产品/服务时,可以将资源管理器模板配置为提示用户提供一系列输入,包括许可证凭据。When using a Virtual Machine offer deployed via an Azure Application Solution Template, the Resource Manager template can be configured to prompt the user for a range of inputs including license credentials.

下面是按套餐类型列出的最常见选项:These are the most common options per offer type:

虚拟机套餐:Virtual Machine Offer:

  • 选项 1: 在应用程序启动后,通常会在发布者的应用程序中获取许可证密钥。Option 1: The acquisition of the license key typically occurs in the publisher's application after the application has started.

  • 选项 2: 在选定的订阅中部署 VM 套餐后,由最终用户输入许可证密钥(通过套餐提供的命令行/Web 界面)。Option 2: The license key is entered by the end user (via command line / web interface provided by the offer) after the deployment of the VM offer in the selected subscription. 许可证可以是密钥和/或文件,具体由发布者确定。The license can be a key and/or file, as determined by the publisher.

Azure 应用(解决方案模板和托管应用):Azure Apps (Solution Template and Managed Apps):

  • 选项 1: 可以将资源管理器模板配置为提示输入包含许可证凭据的一系列输入。Option 1: The Resource Manager template can be configured to prompt you for a range of inputs including license credentials. 可以在最终用户订阅中部署套餐之前,提供许可证文件(文件上传)或密钥(在文本框中输入)。This can be done as a license file (File upload) or a key (textbox input), before the deployment of the offer, in the end-user subscription.

  • 选项 2: 可以通过套餐提供的命令行/Web 界面输入许可证密钥。Option 2: You can enter the license key via command line / web interface provided by the offer. 在选定的订阅中部署 Azure 应用套餐后执行此操作。It is done after the deployment of the Azure Apps offer in the selected subscription. 许可证可以是密钥和/或文件,具体由发布者确定。The license can be a key and/or file, as determined by the publisher.

支持哪种类型的试验?What kinds of trials are supported?

免费试用产品/服务是通过调用操作来启动试用的列表。Free trial offers are listings with a call to action to initiate a trial. 这会使客户成为发布者定义的网站,以设置试用体验。These lead the customer to a website defined by the publisher to set up the trial experience. 还可将试用版添加到付费产品/服务,其中的第一个月免费。Trials can also be added to paid offerings where the first month is free.

是否需要存档付款方式(例如信用卡),才能部署免费层套餐或自带许可 (BYOL) 套餐?Do I need to have a payment instrument (for example, credit card) on file to deploy Free Tier or bring your own license (BYOL) offerings?

否。No. 部署免费层或 BYOL 套餐无需付款方式。A payment instrument is not required to deploy Free Tier or BYOL offerings. 但是,部署免费试用套餐则需要付款方式。However, Free Trial offerings require a payment instrument. 附带“立即获取”或“免费软件试用”按钮的商品将部署到选定的 Azure 订阅中。Listings that include the Get it now or Free software trial buttons are deployed into the selected Azure subscription. 这些列表使用所选帐户的已注册付款方式进行计费。These listings are billed using the selected account's registered method of payment. Azure 使用费将与软件许可证费用分开计费。Azure usage charges are billed separately from software license fees.

如果企业协议 (EA) 间接客户对于在 Azure 市场上销售的套餐的定价有问题,那么他们该与谁联系?If they have questions about pricing for offers sold on the Azure Marketplace, who does an Enterprise Agreement (EA) indirect customer contact?

对于所有 Azure 市场定价问题,企业协议 (EA) 间接客户必须与其授权解决方案提供商 (LSP) 联系。Enterprise Agreement (EA) indirect customers must contact their Licensing Solution Provider (LSP) for all Azure Marketplace pricing questions.

我能控制员工对 Azure 市场的访问以及购买特权吗?Can I control my employees' access to Azure Marketplace and purchasing privileges?

是的,注册时,注册管理员可对企业协议 (EA) 客户关闭所有帐户的购买特权,并将其重新打开足够长的时间以便进行购买。Yes, for Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers, the enrollment administrator may turn off purchase privileges for all accounts on the enrollment and turn it back on long enough to make a purchase. 此外,所有客户都可使用 Azure Policy 限制其 Azure 订阅的部署选项,包括管理 Azure 市场资源。Additionally, all customers can use Azure Policy to restrict deployment options for their Azure subscriptions, including management of Azure Marketplace resources.

我能对 Azure 市场套餐应用我帐户上的 Azure 订阅额度或货币承诺资金吗?Can I apply Azure subscription credits or monetary commitment funds in my account towards Azure Marketplace offers?

特定 Azure 市场套餐可使用 Azure 订阅额度或货币承诺资金。Specific Azure Marketplace offers can use Azure subscription credits or monetary commitment funds. 有关参与此计划的产品的完整列表,请参阅 Azure 货币承诺See Azure monetary commitment for a complete list of products participating in this program. 这些套餐不包括 BYOL 或 BYOS 选项。These offers do not include BYOL or BYOS options. 所有其他 Azure Marketplace 产品/服务不能使用 Azure 订阅信用额度或资金承诺:例如,免费为期1个月的试用信用额度、每月的 MSDN 信用额度、Azure 促销的信用额度、资金承诺余额以及提供的任何其他免费信用额度。Microsoft.All other Azure Marketplace offers cannot use Azure subscription credits or monetary commitment: such as the free one-month trial credit, monthly MSDN credits, credits from Azure promotions, monetary commitment balances, and any other free credits provided from Azure.

批量许可折扣是否适用于 Azure 市场购买内容?Do Volume License discounts apply to Azure Marketplace purchases?

否。No. 拥有 Azure 市场中解决方案的发布者可以定价。The publisher that owns solutions in Azure Marketplace can set pricing. 标准 Microsoft 批量许可折扣不适用于 Azure 市场购买内容。Standard Microsoft volume license discounts do not apply towards Azure Marketplace purchases.

如何为这些订阅付款?Azure 市场购买内容显示在 Azure 帐单上吗?是否还有其他帐单?How do I pay for these subscriptions? Do my Azure Marketplace purchases appear on the Azure bill, or is there another bill?

MOSP- Microsoft 联机订阅计划(如 web 直接)会针对其 Azure 订阅配置文件的文件中的同一信用卡收费。MOSP - Microsoft Online Subscription Program (such as web-direct) customers are charged against the same credit card that is on file for their Azure subscription profile. 如果没有存档信用卡,则将无法从 Azure 市场购买商品。If you do not have a credit card on file, then you cannot purchase from the Azure Marketplace. 在这种情况下,你已收到了一个特别豁免权,可针对 Azure 费用向你开票。In this case, you received a special waiver to have your Azure charges invoiced to you instead.

对于企业协议 (EA) 客户,将针对其 EA 收费。Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers are charged against their EA. 此处列出的特定 Azure 市场套餐将首先扣除可用货币承诺,然后在单张季度发票上按超额计费。Specific Azure Marketplace offers listed here are first deducted from any available monetary commitment, then billed as an overage on a single quarterly invoice. EA 间接、教育和政府客户将按其授权解决方案提供商 (LSP) 计费。EA indirect, education, and government customers are billed by their Licensing Solution Provider (LSP).

可在哪里查看 Azure 市场订阅详细信息和计费信息?Where can I view my Azure Marketplace subscription details and billing information?

MOSP- Microsoft 联机订阅计划(web 直接)客户可以在Azure 门户的 "成本管理 + 计费" 部分的 "发票" 选项卡中查看 Marketplace 购买详细信息。MOSP - Microsoft Online Subscription Program (web direct) customers can view Marketplace purchase details in the Invoices tab of the Cost Management + Billing section of the Azure portal.

企业协议(EA)客户可以在Azure 门户的 "成本管理 + 计费" 部分的 "发票" 选项卡中查看 Marketplace 购买详细信息。Enterprise Agreement (EA) customers can view Marketplace purchase details in the Invoices tab of the Cost Management + Billing section of the Azure portal.

在 "客户" 视图中选择公司后,云解决方案提供商(CSP)合作伙伴可以在 "订单历史记录" 选项卡的 "订单历史记录" 选项卡中查看每个客户的 Marketplace 购买详细信息Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partners can view Marketplace purchase details for each customer in Partner Center within the Order History tab after selecting a company in the Customers view.

如何取消 Azure VM 的 Azure 市场附加产品?How do I cancel an Azure Marketplace add-on to Azure VM?

由于此附加产品与 Azure 虚拟机 (VM) 关联,因此必须通过删除 VM 来停止 VM,才能取消 Azure 市场购买。Since the add-on is associated to the Azure Virtual Machine (VM), to cancel the Azure Marketplace purchase, first stop the VM by deleting it. 这会停止 Azure 市场购买内容的所有订阅使用和收费。Thus stopping all subscription usage and charges on the Azure Marketplace purchase.

将按何种频率对 Azure 市场购买内容计费?How often am I billed for my Azure Marketplace purchases?

企业协议客户,对于所述的特定服务,首先会将可用的货币承诺量降低到其使用月份的总成本。Enterprise Agreement customers, for the specific services outlined, first have available monetary commitment funds reduced by the total cost for these services in the month they are consumed. 对于不可从货币承诺扣费的所有 Azure 市场套餐,将以欠款形式按月计费。All Azure Marketplace offers that do not deduct from monetary commitment, are billed monthly in arrears. 年度 SaaS 订阅按一年的服务计费。Annual SaaS subscriptions are billed once for a full year's services.

MOSP- Microsoft 联机订阅计划(web 直接)客户按月向其 Azure 订阅配置文件上的同一信用卡收费。MOSP - Microsoft Online Subscription Program (web direct) customers are charged monthly against the same credit card that is on file for their Azure subscription profile. 年度 SaaS 订阅按一年的服务计费。Annual SaaS subscriptions are billed once for a full year's services.

如何将 Azure 市场购买内容从 MOSP 订阅迁移到我的直接企业协议 (EA) 订阅?How can I move my Azure Marketplace purchases from my MOSP subscription to my direct Enterprise Agreement (EA) subscription?

虽然大多数 Microsoft 订阅可轻松转换为企业协议,但这些订阅内的 Azure 市场购买内容不能。Although most Microsoft subscriptions can be easily converted to an Enterprise Agreement, Azure Marketplace purchases within those subscriptions cannot.

如需将从 Azure 市场购买的其他服务迁移到 EA 订阅,请先从现有 MOSP 订阅中取消应用程序,然后在 EA 订阅中重新购买这些应用程序。To migrate other services purchased from the Azure Marketplace to an EA subscription, first cancel the applications from within the existing MOSP subscription, and repurchase those applications within the EA subscription. 执行此操作之后,可以提交额度请求,要求退还在市场服务订阅之间可能重叠的月份的款项 - 创建票证即可。By doing so, you can submit a credit request for a refund during the potential month of overlapping coverage between the Marketplace service subscriptions - create a support ticket.

Azure Marketplace 中虚拟机产品/服务的价格软件价格总价格之间的区别是什么?What is the difference between price, software price, and total price in the cost structure for Virtual Machine offers in the Azure Marketplace?

价格指运行软件的 Azure 虚拟机的成本。Price refers to the cost of the Azure Virtual Machine to run the software. 软件价格指的是在 Azure 虚拟机上运行的 Marketplace 发布者软件的成本。Software price refers to the cost of the Marketplace publisher's software running on an Azure Virtual Machine. 总价指的是在 Azure 虚拟机上运行的 Azure 虚拟机和 Marketplace 发布者软件的总成本。Total price refers to the combined total cost of the Azure Virtual Machine and the Marketplace publisher's software running on an Azure Virtual Machine.

是否可以将帐户上的 Azure 订阅额度或货币资金用于 Azure 产品和运营 Azure 市场套餐所需的服务?Can I apply Azure subscription credits or monetary funds on my account towards Azure products and services required to run Azure Marketplace offers?

是的。Yes. 帐户上的 Azure 订阅额度或货币承诺资金可用于 Azure 产品和 Azure 市场套餐。Azure subscription credits or monetary commitment funds on the account can be used toward Azure products and Azure Marketplace offers. 例如,Azure 货币承诺资金可应用于 Azure Marketplace 中虚拟机产品/服务的价格部分。For example, Azure monetary commitment funds can be applied towards the price component of a Virtual Machine offer in the Azure Marketplace. 但是,Azure 订阅信用额度和资金承诺资金仅适用于在 Azure 虚拟机上运行的某些 Marketplace 发布者软件(软件价格)。However, Azure subscription credits and monetary commitment funds can only be applied towards certain Marketplace publishers' software (software price) running on an Azure Virtual Machine.

如何了解我已使用了多少 Azure 市场购买内容?How do I find out how much of my Azure Marketplace purchase I have used?

可在Azure 门户中找到估计的使用情况信息。An estimated usage information can be found in the Azure portal. 此类使用情况估计信息可能不包括近期活动,并且可能以从过去的消费派生的投影为基础。Such estimated usage information may not include recent activities, and may be based on projections derived from past consumption. 在公开预览期间,此功能并非对所有购买可用,而是因产品类型而异。During the public preview, this capability may not be available for all purchases and may vary based on product type.

客户支持Customer support

有关 Azure 市场的常见支持问题,我应联系谁?Who do I contact for general support issues with Azure Marketplace?

有关使用情况或故障排除的常见应用程序支持,请直接联系应用程序发布者。For general application support regarding usage or troubleshooting, contact the application publisher directly.

如果对购买的 Azure 市场的计费和订阅抱有疑问,请与 Azure 支持部门联系。For billing and subscription issues with your Azure Marketplace purchase, contact Azure Support.

对于在 Azure 市场中购买的解决方案的技术支持,我应联系谁?Who do I contact for technical support with a solution purchased in the Azure Marketplace?

请联系发布者/提供商获取所有技术产品支持。Contact the publisher provider for all technical product support. 可在 Azure 市场中的解决方案详细信息页上找到发布者联系方式和/或指向支持网站的链接。Publisher contact information and/or a link to the support website can be found on their solution details page on Azure Marketplace.

有关从市场购买的第三方解决方案的计费支持/问题,我应联系谁?Who do I contact for billing support/questions regarding a third-party solution purchased from Marketplace?

请通过 Azure 支持联系 Microsoft 支持部门。Contact Microsoft Support at Azure Support.

如果我对 Azure 市场上出售的合作伙伴解决方案的价格或条款有疑问,应联系谁?Who do I contact if I have questions about pricing or terms for partner solutions sold on the Azure Marketplace?

请联系发布者/提供商获取所有技术产品支持。Contact the publisher provider for all technical product support. 可在 Azure 市场中的每个解决方案详细信息页上找到发布者联系方式和/或指向支持网站的链接。Publisher contact information and/or a link to the support website can be found on each solution details page on Azure Marketplace.

如果不满意,能否退货?If I am not satisfied, can I return a purchase?

Azure Marketplace进行的购买不能返回,但可以取消/删除。Purchases made from Azure Marketplace cannot be returned but can be canceled/deleted. 基于消费的产品/服务根据使用情况计费,因此在停止时,还会停止收费。Consumption-based offers are billed according to usage, so when it stops, charges stop as well. 订阅将取消,并且不会在当前计费周期之后计费。Subscriptions are canceled and will not be billed past the current billing period. 如果订阅在购买后不久(每月24小时,每年14天),则会提供完全退款。If a subscription is canceled shortly after purchase (24 hours for monthly and 14 days for annual), a full refund is provided.

有关其市场服务或购买内容的任何技术问题,客户必须直接联系发布者。Customers must directly contact the publisher for any technical issues relating to their Marketplace service or purchase. 可在 Azure 市场中的解决方案详细信息页上找到发布者联系方式和/或指向支持网站的链接。Publisher contact information and/or a link to the support website can be found on their solution details page on Azure Marketplace.

面向发布者的常见问题解答FAQ for publishers

需要了解哪些有关 Azure 市场的信息What you need to know about Azure Marketplace

什么是 Azure 市场?What is Azure Marketplace?

Azure 市场是一个在线应用程序和服务市场。Azure Marketplace is an online applications and services marketplace. 客户(主要是 IT 专业人员和开发人员)可以发现和购买基于 Azure 或为 Azure 构建的云软件解决方案。Customers (mostly IT pros and developers) can discover, and buy cloud software solutions built with or for Azure. 市场目录包含 8,000 多款商品,例如虚拟机 (VM)、API、解决方案模板、SaaS 应用程序和咨询服务等 Azure 构建基块。Its catalog has over 8,000 listings, such as Azure building blocks like Virtual Machines (VMs), APIs, Solution Templates, SaaS applications, and consulting service offers.

Azure 市场是与 Microsoft 开展联合市场推广活动的起点。Azure Marketplace is the starting point for all joint Microsoft Go-To-Market activities. 我们专注于帮助合作伙伴争取更多客户。We focus on helping partners to reach more customers. 客户可以发布新的产品,还可以使用 Azure 市场开展促销和需求生成营销活动、与 Microsoft 一起执行联合销售/营销活动。You can publish new listings, and also use Azure Marketplace to conduct promotional and demand generation campaigns, perform joint sales/marketing activities with Microsoft.

谁是 Azure 市场客户?Who are Azure Marketplace customers?

Azure 市场主要面向对商用 IT 软件和服务感兴趣的 IT 专业人员与云开发人员。Azure Marketplace is designed for IT professionals and cloud developers, interested in commercial IT software and services.

适用于发布服务器的 Azure MarketplaceAzure Marketplace for publishers

为什么我应该在 Azure 市场上发布我的应用程序,它对我有什么好处?Why should I publish my application on Azure Marketplace and how does it benefit me?

Azure 市场为 Microsoft 合作伙伴提供向 Azure 客户推广和销售产品及服务的市场。Azure Marketplace provides a market for Microsoft Partners to promote and sell products and services to Azure customers. 发布者可立即获取对140全球市场、我们的 300000 + 合作伙伴以及 Azure 企业客户网络的访问权限。Publishers, instantly gain access to 140 global markets, our 300,000+ partners, and Azure's network of enterprise customers. Marketplace 包含 90% 以上的财富500公司和众多世界领先的开发人员。The marketplace includes more than 90% of Fortune 500 companies and many of the world's leading developers. Azure Marketplace 中的新合作伙伴会自动提供一组无成本的投放市场优势,有助于在 Azure marketplace 中提高对其产品/服务的认知度。New partners in Azure Marketplace are automatically offered a set of no-cost Go-To-Market benefits to help boost awareness of their offers in Azure's marketplace.

Azure 市场和 AppSource 之间的区别是什么?What is the differentiating factor between Azure Marketplace and AppSource?

Microsoft 合作伙伴可以根据其目标受众的位置来选择发布位置。Microsoft Partners can choose where to publish based on their target audience.

Microsoft 提供了两个不同的云市场店面 – Azure 市场和 AppSource。Microsoft provides two distinct cloud marketplace storefronts – Azure Marketplace and AppSource. 这些店面允许客户查找、试用和购买云应用程序和服务。These storefronts allow customers to find, try, and buy cloud applications and services. 每个店面满足独特的客户需求,并使 Microsoft 合作伙伴能够根据目标受众提供相应的解决方案或服务。Each storefront serves unique customer needs and enables Microsoft Partners to target their solutions or services based on the target audience.

对于 IT 专业人员、开发人员或技术用户,可以选择 Azure 市场Select Azure Marketplace to target IT professionals and developers, or technical users.

对于业务线决策者和企业主,可以选择 AppSourceSelect AppSource to target line-of-business decision-makers and business owners.

有关 Azure 市场和 AppSource 的更多详细信息和优势,请查看发布者指南Review the Publisher Guide for more details and benefits of Azure Marketplace and AppSource.

是否必须是 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络 (MPN) 的成员才能在 Azure 市场中发布任何应用程序和服务?Do I have to be a member of the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) to list my applications and services in the Azure Marketplace?

是的,必须成为 MPN 成员才能在 Azure 市场中发布内容。Yes, an MPN is required to publish in Azure Marketplace. 请访问 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络开始注册。Visit Microsoft Partner Network to get started.

在 Azure 市场中发布解决方案的条件是什么?What is the criterion to publish a solution in Azure Marketplace?

若要在 Azure 市场中发布内容,合作伙伴必须演示其应用程序可在 Azure 上运行或扩展。To publish in Azure Marketplace, partners must demonstrate that their application runs on or extends Azure. 发布者需要为客户提供服务级别协议隐私策略和电话和联机支持。Publishers are required to provide customers with a Service Level Agreement, privacy policy, and phone and online support. 各种工作负荷具有不同的要求。Various workloads have additional requirements. 有关更多指导,请查看 Azure 市场参与策略发布者指南Review the Azure Marketplace Participation Policies and Publisher Guide for further guidance.

在 Azure 市场中发布是否收费?Is there a fee to publish in Azure Marketplace?

通过 Azure 市场上传商品、试用版或 BYOL(自带许可证)时,发布者无需支付发布费用。There are no publishing fees when uploading a List, Trial, or BYOL (Bring Your Own License) solution via Azure Marketplace.

通过 Azure 市场购买是否有任何交易费?Are there any transaction fees for purchases through Azure Marketplace?

通过 Azure 市场购买解决方案许可证时,软件许可证的收入将在发布者与 Microsoft 之间分摊。When the solution license is purchased via Azure Marketplace, revenues for the software license are split between the publisher and Microsoft. 这种分摊是根据市场发布者协议中的条款和条件进行的。This is done in accordance to the terms and conditions in the Marketplace Publisher Agreement. 此外,对于使用 BYOL(自带许可证)的发布者解决方案,发布者无需支付交易费。Additionally, solutions with BYOL (Bring Your Own License) publishers do not incur transaction fees.

什么是标准协定?What is a Standard Contract?

Microsoft 提供了发布者可以选择利用的标准协定术语,使客户可以进行简化的采购和法律审查过程。Microsoft offers Standard Contract terms that a publisher can select to leverage, so that customers have a simplified procurement and legal review process.

在何处可以找到将应用程序与 Azure Active Directory (AAD) 集成的指导原则?Where do I find guidelines for integrating my application with Azure Active Directory (AAD)?

Microsoft 通过 AAD 对所有市场用户进行身份验证。Microsoft authenticates all Marketplace users with AAD. 可以直接预配到试用环境中,而无需其他登录步骤。You can be directly provisioned into a Trial without requiring an additional sign-in step. 例如,经过身份验证的用户单击市场中的试用商品后,即可重定向到试用环境。For example, an authenticated user clicks through a Trial listing in Marketplace, and gets redirected to a Trial environment.

有关详细信息以及如何在 AAD 中开始启用试用,请访问发布者指南中的 Azure Active Directory 部分For more information, and to get started enabling a trial with AAD, visit the Azure Active Directory section in the Publisher Guide.

如何开始使用开发人员中心注册?How do I get started with Dev Center registration?

若要开始,发布者应确认某个开发人员中心帐户尚未注册(目的是防止重复)。To get started, publishers should verify that a Dev Center account has not already been registered (to prevent duplication). 确认后,下一步是使用与开发人员帐户关联的 Microsoft 帐户登录,以完成注册。Once confirmed, the next step is to register by signing in with a Microsoft account, which will be associated with the developer account.

如果还没有 Microsoft 帐户,则可以创建一个帐户(例如: contoso_marketplace@live.com)。If you don't already have a Microsoft account, you can create an account (for example: contoso_marketplace@live.com).

为何需要开发人员中心帐户?Why is Dev Center account required?

Microsoft 需要使用开发人员中心帐户代表发布者向客户计收“事务处理”商品类型的费用。A Dev Center account is required to enable Microsoft to bill customers on the publisher's behalf for Transact listing types. Microsoft 通过开发人员中心帐户注册来验证法律、税务和银行信息。Dev Center account registration enables Microsoft to validate the legal, tax, and banking information. 有关详细信息,请参阅在开发人员中心注册For more information, see register in Dev Center.

什么是潜在顾客?为什么说他们对在市场上作为发布者的我很重要?What are leads and why are they important to me as a publisher in Marketplace?

潜在顾客是从市场部署产品的客户。Leads are customers who are deploying your products from the Marketplace. 无论产品是出现在 Azure 市场中还是出现在 AppSource 中,都能够收到对你产品感兴趣的潜在顾客。Whether your product is listed on Azure Marketplace or AppSource, you are able to receive leads from customers who are interested in your product. 可以根据套餐设置潜在顾客目标。You can set up lead destination on your offer. 有关详细信息,请参阅成为云市场发布者To learn more, see Become a Cloud Marketplace Publisher.

在何处可获得设置潜在顾客目标的帮助?Where can I get help in setting up my lead destination?

云合作伙伴门户 - 获取潜在客户中了解详细信息,或者选择套餐类型和潜在顾客管理,然后通过 https://aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport 提交支持票证。Learn more in Cloud Partner Portal-Get Customer Leads documentation, or submit a support ticket through https://aka.ms/marketplacepublishersupport by selecting your offer type and lead management.

是否必须在配置潜在顾客目标后,才能在市场上发布套餐?Am I required to configure a lead destination to publish an offer on Marketplace?

是的,如果要发布“与我联系”、“SaaS 应用”或“咨询服务”套餐,则需要配置潜在顾客目标。Yes, if publishing a Contact Me, SaaS app, or consulting services offer you are required to configure a lead destination.

如何确认潜在顾客配置是否正确?How can I confirm that the lead configuration is correct?

填写套餐并设置潜在顾客目标后,可以在云合作伙伴门户中正常发布商品。After completing the offer and setting up a lead destination, the listing can properly be published in the Cloud Partner Portal. 商品上线之前,可以验证潜在顾客配置设置是否正常工作。Before the listing goes live, you can validate if the lead configuration set-up is working correctly. 将测试潜在顾客发送到套餐中配置的潜在顾客目标。Send a test-lead to the lead destination configured in the offer.

发布者可在哪些国家/地区销售 Azure 市场?What countries/regions are Azure Marketplace available for publishers to sell from?

基于以下国家/地区的发布者当前可在 Azure Marketplace 中销售:阿富汗、阿尔巴尼亚、阿尔及利亚、安哥拉、安提瓜和巴布达、阿根廷、亚美尼亚、澳大利亚、奥地利、阿萨拜疆、巴林、孟加拉、白俄罗斯、比利时、贝宁、玻利维亚、波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那、博茨瓦纳、巴西、保加利亚、布基纳法索、布隆迪、柬埔寨、喀麦隆、加拿大、中非共和国、乍得、智利、哥伦比亚、科摩罗、刚果、刚果(金)、哥斯达黎加、科特迪瓦、克罗地亚、塞浦路斯、捷克共和国、丹麦、多米尼克、多米尼加共和国、厄瓜多尔、埃及、萨尔瓦多、厄立特里亚、爱沙尼亚、埃塞俄比亚、斐济群岛、芬兰、法国、格鲁吉亚、德国、加纳、希腊、危地马拉、几内亚、海地、洪都拉斯、香港特别行政区、匈牙利、冰岛、印度、印度尼西亚、伊拉克、爱尔兰、以色列、意大利、牙买加、日本、约旦、哈萨克斯坦、肯尼亚、韩国、科威特、老挝、拉脱维亚、黎巴嫩、利比里亚、列支敦士登、立陶宛、卢森堡、马达加斯加、马拉维、马来西亚、马里、马耳他、毛里求斯、墨西哥、摩纳哥、蒙古、黑山、摩洛哥、莫桑比克、尼泊尔、荷兰、新西兰、尼加拉瓜、尼日尔、尼日利亚、挪威、阿曼、巴基斯坦、巴拿马、巴拉圭、秘鲁、菲律宾、波兰、葡萄牙、卡塔尔、罗马尼亚、俄罗斯、卢旺达、沙特阿拉伯、塞内加尔、塞尔维亚、塞拉利昂、新加坡、斯洛伐克、斯洛文尼亚、索马里、南非、西班牙、斯里兰卡、瑞典、瑞士、塔吉克斯坦、坦桑尼亚、泰国、东帝汶、多哥、汤加、特立尼达和多巴哥、突尼斯、土耳其、土库曼斯坦、乌干达、乌克兰、阿拉伯联合酋长国、英国、美国、乌拉圭、乌兹别克斯坦、委内瑞拉、越南、赞比亚和津巴布韦。Publishers based in the following countries/regions can currently sell in the Azure Marketplace: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Benin, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Congo (DRC), Costa Rica, Cote D'Ivoire, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia, Fiji Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Hong Kong SAR, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea (South), Kuwait, Laos, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Malawi, Malaysia, Mali, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Niger, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor-Leste, Togo, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

如何从 Azure 市场中删除商品?How do I delete a listing from the Azure Marketplace?

虚拟机 & Azure 应用:Virtual Machine & Azure Apps:

  1. 登录云合作伙伴平台Sign in to the Cloud Partner Portal.
  2. 从 "所有产品/服务" 选项卡中选择产品/服务。Select the offer from the All Offers tab.
  3. 在屏幕左侧窗格中,选择“SKU”选项卡。In the pane on the left side of the screen, select the SKUs tab.
  4. 选择要删除的 SKU,并单击该 SKU 的 "删除" 按钮。Select the SKU for deletion and click the delete button for that SKU.
  5. 将产品/服务重新发布到 Azure 市场。Republish the offer to Azure Marketplace.

有关详细信息,请参阅删除套餐For more information, see Deleting an offer.

Web 应用(SaaS 应用、加载项) & 咨询服务:Web Apps (SaaS apps, Add-ons) & Consulting Services:

  1. 在云合作伙伴门户中,选择问号图标,然后单击 "支持"。In the Cloud Partner Portal, select the question mark icon and then click Support.
  2. 转到 https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=844975Go to https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=844975.
  3. 在支持页上,选择套餐类型。On the support page, select the offer type.
  4. 选择 "删除已发布的产品/服务"。Select Remove a published offer.
  5. 创建事件票证。Create an incident ticket.
  6. 提交。Submit.

O365 应用:O365 Apps:

  1. 用开发帐户https://sellerdashboard.microsoft.com登录到。Sign in to https://sellerdashboard.microsoft.com with your Dev Account.

  2. 撤消外接程序。Withdraw the add-in.


    90天后,应用将从现有列表中消失。Apps disappear from an existing listing after 90 days.

Power BI 应用:Power BI Apps:

联系:Anjana Sompur (Slalom Consulting LLC)Contact: Anjana Sompur (Slalom Consulting LLC).

优势和市场推广 (GTM) 资源Benefits and Go-To-Market (GTM) Resources

发布者在 Azure 市场发布产品可享受哪些市场推广权益?What are some of the Go-To-Market benefits provided for publishers listed on Azure Marketplace?

Azure 市场是与 Microsoft 开展联合市场推广活动的起点,也是通向“联合销售就绪”合作的门户。Azure Marketplace is the starting point for joint Go-To-Market activities with Microsoft, and the doorway to a Co-Sell Ready partnership. Azure Marketplace 中的所有新列表都会自动提供一套免费的市场推广权益,以帮助你了解 Microsoft 客户的产品/服务。All new listings in Azure Marketplace are automatically offered a set of no-cost Go-To-Market benefits to help drive awareness of offers to Microsoft's customers. 发布套餐后,Microsoft GTM 团队将与你取得联系,并开始交付权益。Once an offer is published, the Microsoft GTM team contacts you and begins delivering your benefits.

有关 GTM 权益以及如何在市场中拓展业务的详细信息,请访问 Microsoft GTM 服务Visit Microsoft GTM Services for more information on our GTM benefits and ways to grow your business in marketplace.

在 Microsoft Web 属性中,Azure 市场解决方案在何处得到推广?Where are Azure Marketplace solutions promoted within Microsoft web properties?

Microsoft Azure 门户azure marketplace 网站中提供了 azure marketplace 解决方案。Azure Marketplace solutions are available in the Microsoft Azure portal, and Azure Marketplace website. 使用 Azure 的云开发人员和 IT 专业人员每次登录时,都会接触到合作伙伴解决方案。Cloud Developers and IT Pros using Azure have exposure to partner solutions every time they sign in. 此外,Azure 市场主页Azure 解决方案页面上还会展示并轮换合作伙伴解决方案的子集。A subset of partner solutions is also showcased and rotated on the Azure Marketplace homepage and Azure solutions page.

计费与付款Billing and payments

如何接收 Azure 市场销售的付款?How do I receive payment for my Azure Marketplace sales?

Microsoft 的所有付款均将通过 PayPal 或电子资金转帐 (EFT) 按月处理。All payments from Microsoft are processed via PayPal or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) monthly. 我们力争在客户使用服务之日起的两个月内付款,但具体时间取决于客户的付款方式。Payment is made within two months of the date the customer used the service, though the exact timing depends on the payment instrument of the customer. 45 天的托管期适用于信用卡客户。A 45-day escrow period applies to credit card customers.

对于使用基于使用情况计费购买的基于虚拟机的解决方案,当客户增加或减少基础虚拟机数量时,是否会遵循我的软件许可证的定价?For Virtual Machine-based solutions purchased with usage-based billing, when a customer up-sizes or downsizes the underlying Virtual Machine, does the pricing of my software license follow?

是的,立即按新价格进行计费。Yes, the new price is billed immediately. 如果客户更改虚拟机大小,并且定价表中根据虚拟机大小指定了不同的价格,则会发生定价变化。Pricing changes happen when a customer changes the Virtual Machine size, and specifies different prices in the pricing table, which are based on Virtual Machine size.

Azure 市场是否支持按节点计费?Is per-node billing available for Azure Marketplace?

Azure 市场目前不支持对虚拟机按节点计费。Azure Marketplace does not currently support per-node billing with Virtual Machines. 发布者仍可根据 Microsoft VM 费率确定每个节点的计费费率。Publishers can still determine a per-node billing rate with Microsoft VM billing rates. 计算方法是将 VM 数目乘以使用小时数和每小时费率。The calculation is to determine the number of VMs by the number of hours used and rate per hour.

有关计费或套餐管理的问题,我应联系谁?Who do I contact for billing or offer management questions?

联系 Microsoft 支持部门记录一个票证。Log a ticket with Microsoft Support.

发布者支持Publisher support

有关 Azure 市场的常见支持问题,我应联系谁?Who do I contact for general support issues with Azure Marketplace?

有关可用性或故障排除的常见应用程序支持,请与云合作伙伴门户支持人员联系。For general application support regarding usability or troubleshooting, contact Cloud Partner Portal Support.

如果对购买的 Azure 市场的计费和订阅抱有疑问,请与 Azure 支持部门联系。For billing and subscription issues with your Azure Marketplace purchase, contact Azure Support.

有关发布或报价管理的问题,我应联系谁?Who do I contact with publishing or offer management questions?

有关常见问题的最新资源和文档,请访问 Azure 市场发布者指南Visit the Azure Marketplace Publisher Guide for up-to-date resource and documentations on frequently asked questions. 此外,可在云合作伙伴门户中联系 Microsoft 支持部门以记录票证。Additionally, you can log a ticket with Microsoft Support in the Cloud Partner Portal.

适用于发布服务器的 Azure MarketplaceAzure Marketplace for publishers

如何实现定义我的地理可用性,以便在不同的国家/地区销售?How do I define my geographic availability to enable selling in different countries/regions?

  1. 在云合作伙伴门户中,导航到要向其中添加新国家/地区的 SKU。In the Cloud Partner Portal, navigate to the SKU to which you want to add new countries/regions. 在 " SKU 详细信息" 中,导航到 "国家/地区可用性",然后单击 "选择区域"。Within the SKU Details, navigate to Country/Region availability and click Select regions.


  2. 将弹出一个列表,其中包含要销售到的所有可用国家/地区。A list will pop up with all available countries/regions to sell to. 单击要使此 SKU 可用的每个国家/地区旁边的复选框。Click the checkbox next to each country/region you want to make this SKU available. 单击 “确定”Click OK.


  3. 最后,若要将更改应用于你的 live 产品/服务,请单击 "发布"。Finally for the changes to be applied to your live offer, click Publish.


    更改需要24小时才能生效。It takes 24 hours for the changes to take effect.

发布者如何更改现有产品/服务的地理可用性?How can a publisher change the geographic availability for an existing offer?

发布者可以编辑现有产品/服务,选择新的国家/地区,并使用电子表格下载/上传功能设置定价。The publisher can edit an existing offer, select the new countries/regions, and use the spreadsheet download/upload function to set pricing.

客户可在哪些国家/地区购买 Azure Marketplace 产品/服务?In what countries/regions can customers purchase Azure Marketplace offerings?

Azure Marketplace 支持141购买-根据客户的帐单地址定义的地理位置。Azure Marketplace supports 141 buy-from geographies as defined by the customer's billing address. 有关国家/地区的列表,请参阅参与策略See participation policies for a list of countries/regions.

Azure Marketplace 支持哪些货币?What currencies are supported by Azure Marketplace?

可以采用以下17个货币进行事务:AUD、BRL、CAD、CHF、克朗、EUR、GBP、INR、JPY、韩元、NOK、NZD、卢布、SEK、台币和 USD。Transactions can be conducted in the following 17 currencies: AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, DKK, EUR, GBP, INR, JPY, KRW, NOK, NZD, RUB, SEK, TWD, and USD.

定价与付款Pricing and Payment

免费层与免费软件试用之间有何区别?What is the difference between Free Tier and Free Software Trial?

“免费层”订阅套餐永久免费。A Free Tier subscription offering is perpetually free. “免费软件试用”(立即试用)套餐为收费订阅,只是在有限的时间段内免费。A Free Software Trial (Try It Now) offering is a paid subscription, only free for a limited period of time.

后续步骤Next steps

请访问Azure Marketplace 和 AppSource 发布者指南页。Visit the Azure Marketplace and AppSource Publisher guide page.