BuiltInRole BuiltInRole BuiltInRole BuiltInRole Enum


指示在调用 IsInRole(BuiltInRole) 方法时检查的角色类型。Indicates the type of role to check when calling the IsInRole(BuiltInRole) method.

public enum class BuiltInRole
public enum BuiltInRole
type BuiltInRole = 
Public Enum BuiltInRole


AccountOperator AccountOperator AccountOperator AccountOperator 548

帐户操作员管理计算机或域中的用户帐户。Account operators manage the user accounts on a computer or domain.

Administrator Administrator Administrator Administrator 544

管理员具有对计算机或域的完全的无限制的访问权限。Administrators have complete and unrestricted access to the computer or domain.

BackupOperator BackupOperator BackupOperator BackupOperator 551

备份操作员仅在出于备份或还原文件目的时才可以重写安全限制。Backup operators can override security restrictions for the sole purpose of backing up or restoring files.

Guest Guest Guest Guest 546

来宾受到比用户更多的限制。Guests are more restricted than users.

PowerUser PowerUser PowerUser PowerUser 547

超级用户具有大部分管理员权限(但也受到某些限制)。Power users possess most administrative permissions with some restrictions. 因此,高级用户除了可以运行已验证过的应用程序外,还可以运行旧式应用程序。Thus, power users can run legacy applications, in addition to certified applications.

PrintOperator PrintOperator PrintOperator PrintOperator 550

打印操作员可以获得打印机的控制权。Print operators can take control of a printer.

Replicator Replicator Replicator Replicator 552

复制程序支持域中的文件复制。Replicators support file replication in a domain.

SystemOperator SystemOperator SystemOperator SystemOperator 549

系统操作员管理特定的计算机。System operators manage a particular computer.

User User User User 545

用户被阻止进行意外的或有意的系统级更改。Users are prevented from making accidental or intentional system-wide changes. 因此,用户可以运行已验证过的应用程序,但不能运行大部分旧式应用程序。Thus, users can run certified applications, but not most legacy applications.


此枚举提供了功能类似于WindowsBuiltInRole枚举。This enumeration provides functionality similar to the WindowsBuiltInRole enumeration.

这些角色代表大多数的 Windows 安装到常见的本地 Windows 组。These roles represent the local Windows groups common to most installations of Windows.