ExecutionInfo.AllowQueryExecution Property


指示是否允许用户为该查询中使用的参数提供值。Indicates whether the user is allowed to provide values for parameters used in the query.

 property bool AllowQueryExecution { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool AllowQueryExecution { get; set; }
member this.AllowQueryExecution : bool with get, set
Public Property AllowQueryExecution As Boolean

Property Value


一个 Boolean 值。A Boolean value.


如果 AllowQueryExecutiontrue ,则在调用方法时将清除快照 ResetExecutionIf AllowQueryExecution is true, the snapshot will be cleared when the ResetExecution method is called.

AllowQueryExecutionfalse 为执行和历史记录快照以及 true 实时报表和即席报表返回。AllowQueryExecution will return false for execution and history snapshots, and true for live reports and ad-hoc reports.

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