ReportingService2005.ItemNamespaceHeaderValue Property


一个值,该值表示用来检索项属性的标识符。The value that represents the identifier used to retrieve item properties.

 property ReportService2005::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ ItemNamespaceHeaderValue { ReportService2005::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ get(); void set(ReportService2005::ItemNamespaceHeader ^ value); };
public ReportService2005.ItemNamespaceHeader ItemNamespaceHeaderValue { get; set; }
member this.ItemNamespaceHeaderValue : ReportService2005.ItemNamespaceHeader with get, set
Public Property ItemNamespaceHeaderValue As ItemNamespaceHeader

Property Value


一个 ItemNamespaceHeader 对象,该对象封装用来检索项属性的标识符。An ItemNamespaceHeader object encapsulating the identifier used to retrieve item properties.


可以使用 ItemNamespaceHeaderValue Web 服务的属性,根据两个不同的项标识符检索项属性:项的完整路径名称或项的 ID。You can use the ItemNamespaceHeaderValue property of the Web service to retrieve item properties based on two different item identifiers: the full path name of the item or the ID of the item. 有关详细信息,请参阅 设置 GetProperties 方法的 Item 命名空间For more information, see Setting the Item Namespace for the GetProperties Method.

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