DataSourceDefinition.ImpersonateUser DataSourceDefinition.ImpersonateUser DataSourceDefinition.ImpersonateUser Property


获取或设置一个值,该值指示报表服务器是否尝试使用存储的凭据来模拟用户。 Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the report server tries to impersonate a user by using stored credentials.

 property bool ImpersonateUser { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool ImpersonateUser { get; set; }
Public Property ImpersonateUser As Boolean


true 如果报表服务器设置为模拟用户;否则为false true if the report server is set to impersonate a user; otherwise, false. 默认值为 false The default is false.


当设置为true,尝试模拟后建立的连接到数据源上的报表服务器身份验证的用户的数据扩展插件。When set to true, a data extension tries to impersonate the user authenticated to the report server at the data source after a connection has been established.


ImpersonateUser 仅受SQL Server随报表服务器的数据扩展插件。ImpersonateUser is only supported by the SQL Server data extension that is included with Report Server.

当设置为false,报表服务器将凭据传递给数据源。When set to false, the report server passes credentials to the data source.

可能执行模拟时,才CredentialRetrieval设置为StoreImpersonation may be performed only when CredentialRetrieval is set to Store.

ImpersonateUser属性都具有对应的ImpersonateUserSpecified属性,该值指示是否应从 Web 服务调用省略此属性。The value for the ImpersonateUser property has a corresponding ImpersonateUserSpecified property that indicates whether this property should be omitted from the Web service call.

有关省略属性的详细信息,请参阅省略可选的 Web 服务对象的值For more information about omitting properties, see Omitting Values for Optional Web Service Objects.