ScheduleDefinition ScheduleDefinition ScheduleDefinition ScheduleDefinition Class


表示定义的计划。Represents a defined schedule.

public ref class ScheduleDefinition : ReportService2006::ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
public class ScheduleDefinition : ReportService2006.ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
type ScheduleDefinition = class
    inherit ScheduleDefinitionOrReference
Public Class ScheduleDefinition
Inherits ScheduleDefinitionOrReference


将类与类Schedule的属性一起使用。 Definition ScheduleDefinitionUse the ScheduleDefinition class together with the Definition property of the Schedule class.

GetExecutionOptions SetReportHistoryOptions SetScheduleProperties SetExecutionOptions对象作为CreateSchedule和方法的输出返回,并作为输入传递到、、和方法。GetReportHistoryOptions ScheduleDefinitionA ScheduleDefinition object is returned as output by the GetExecutionOptions and GetReportHistoryOptions methods and is passed as input to the CreateSchedule, SetExecutionOptions, SetReportHistoryOptions, and SetScheduleProperties methods.


ScheduleDefinition() ScheduleDefinition() ScheduleDefinition() ScheduleDefinition()

初始化 ScheduleDefinition 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the ScheduleDefinition class.


EndDate EndDate EndDate EndDate

获取或设置计划的结束日期和时间。Gets or sets the end date and time of a schedule.

EndDateSpecified EndDateSpecified EndDateSpecified EndDateSpecified

获取或设置一个值, 该值指示是否EndDate指定了属性。Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the EndDate property is specified.

Item Item Item Item

获取或设置计划的重复执行模式。Gets or sets the recurrence pattern of a schedule.

StartDateTime StartDateTime StartDateTime StartDateTime

获取或设置计划的开始日期和时间。Gets or sets the start date and time of a schedule.