OdbcParameter.ResetDbType 方法


重置与此 OdbcParameter 关联的类型。Resets the type associated with this OdbcParameter.

 override void ResetDbType();
public override void ResetDbType ();
override this.ResetDbType : unit -> unit
Public Overrides Sub ResetDbType ()


当执行包含参数值的命令时,代码可以显式设置参数的类型,或者该参数可以从其值推断其类型。When executing a command that includes parameter values, code can either set the type of a parameter explicitly, or the parameter can infer its type from its value. 调用此方法将重置参数,使其可以再次从参数中传递的值推断其类型。Calling this method resets the parameter so that it can again infer its type from the value passed in the parameter. 调用此方法会影响 OdbcParameterDbTypeOdbcType 属性。Calling this method affects both the DbType and OdbcType properties of the OdbcParameter.

调用 ResetDbType 会将 DbType 重置为其默认值(String)。Calling ResetDbType resets DbType to its default value (String).