SqlConnectionStringBuilder.TypeSystemVersion Property


获取或设置一个字符串值,该值指示应用程序所需的类型系统。Gets or sets a string value that indicates the type system the application expects.

 property System::String ^ TypeSystemVersion { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string TypeSystemVersion { get; set; }
member this.TypeSystemVersion : string with get, set
Public Property TypeSystemVersion As String

Property Value


下表列出了 TypeSystemVersion 属性的可能值:The following table shows the possible values for the TypeSystemVersion property:

Value 说明Description
SQL Server 2005SQL Server 2005 使用 SQL Server 2005 类型系统。Uses the SQL Server 2005 type system. 未对当前版本的 ADO.NET 执行转换。No conversions are made for the current version of ADO.NET.
SQL Server 2008SQL Server 2008 使用 SQL Server 2008 类型系统。Uses the SQL Server 2008 type system.
最新Latest 使用此客户端/服务器对能够处理的最新版本。Use the latest version than this client-server pair can handle. 这个最新版本将随着客户端和服务器组件的升级自动更新。This will automatically move forward as the client and server components are upgraded.


TypeSystemVersion 属性可用于为针对该版本编写的应用程序指定 SQL Server 的下级版本。The TypeSystemVersion property can be used to specify a down-level version of SQL Server for applications written against that version. 这样可避免较新版本的 SQL Server 中不兼容类型出现可能的问题,这些问题可能会导致应用程序运行中断。This avoids possible problems with incompatible types in a newer version of SQL Server that may cause the application to break.

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