UpdateRowSource UpdateRowSource UpdateRowSource UpdateRowSource Enum


指定如何将查询命令结果应用到正在更新的行。Specifies how query command results are applied to the row being updated.

public enum class UpdateRowSource
public enum UpdateRowSource
type UpdateRowSource = 
Public Enum UpdateRowSource


Both Both Both Both 3

将输出参数和第一个返回行都映射到 DataSet 中的已更改的行。Both the output parameters and the first returned row are mapped to the changed row in the DataSet.

FirstReturnedRecord FirstReturnedRecord FirstReturnedRecord FirstReturnedRecord 2

将第一个返回行中的数据映射到 DataSet 中的已更改的行。The data in the first returned row is mapped to the changed row in the DataSet.

None None None None 0

忽略任何返回的参数或行。Any returned parameters or rows are ignored.

OutputParameters OutputParameters OutputParameters OutputParameters 1

将输出参数映射到 DataSet 中的已更改的行。Output parameters are mapped to the changed row in the DataSet.


值由的IDbCommand属性和派生自的任何类使用。 UpdatedRowSource UpdateRowSourceThe UpdateRowSource values are used by the UpdatedRowSource property of IDbCommand and any classes derived from it.

有关详细信息属性, 请参阅DataAdapter 参数For more information property, see DataAdapter Parameters.