PerformanceCounterCategoryType PerformanceCounterCategoryType PerformanceCounterCategoryType PerformanceCounterCategoryType Enum


指示性能计数器类别是否可以有多个实例。Indicates whether the performance counter category can have multiple instances.

public enum class PerformanceCounterCategoryType
public enum PerformanceCounterCategoryType
type PerformanceCounterCategoryType = 
Public Enum PerformanceCounterCategoryType


MultiInstance MultiInstance MultiInstance MultiInstance 1

性能计数器类别可以有多个实例。The performance counter category can have multiple instances.

SingleInstance SingleInstance SingleInstance SingleInstance 0

性能计数器类别只能有一个实例。The performance counter category can have only a single instance.

Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown -1

性能计数器类别的实例功能未知。The instance functionality for the performance counter category is unknown.


有两种类型的性能计数器类别: 单实例和多实例。There are two types of performance counter categories: single-instance and multi-instance. 默认情况下,类别为单实例时它将创建并添加另一个实例时成为多实例。By default, a category is single-instance when it is created and becomes multi-instance when another instance is added. 类别被创建时应用程序设置,并且在运行时添加实例。Categories are created when an application is set up, and instances are added at run time. 在.NET Framework 版本 1.0 和 1.1 版,它不需要知道性能计数器类别是否为多实例或单实例。In the .NET Framework version 1.0 and version 1.1, it is not necessary to know whether a performance counter category is multi-instance or single-instance. 在.NET Framework 2.0 版中,PerformanceCounterCategoryType枚举用于指示性能计数器是否可以具有多个实例。In the .NET Framework version 2.0, the PerformanceCounterCategoryType enumeration is used to indicate whether a performance counter can have multiple instances.