ReferralChasingOption ReferralChasingOption ReferralChasingOption ReferralChasingOption Enum


ReferralChasingOption 枚举指定是否以及如何追踪检索跟踪。The ReferralChasingOption enumeration specifies if and how referral chasing is pursued.

public enum class ReferralChasingOption
public enum ReferralChasingOption
type ReferralChasingOption = 
Public Enum ReferralChasingOption


All All All All 96

跟踪从属或外部类型的检索。Chase referrals of either the subordinate or external type.

External External External External 64

跟踪外部检索。Chase external referrals. 如果没有为目录搜索指定检索跟踪选项,则执行 External 类型的检索跟踪。If no referral chasing option is specified for a directory search, the type of referral chasing performed is External.

None None None None 0

从不检索被引用的服务器。Never chase the referred-to server. 设置此选项可防止客户端在检索进程中联系其他服务器。Setting this option prevents a client from contacting other servers in a referral process.

Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate Subordinate 32

只跟踪作为目录树中的从属命名上下文的从属检索。Chase only subordinate referrals that are a subordinate naming context in a directory tree. 对于分页搜索,ADSI LDAP 提供程序始终会关闭这一标记。The ADSI LDAP provider always turns off this flag for paged searches.


当服务器确定其他服务器拥有相关信息在服务器可能会引用客户端获取的结果的另一台服务器。When a server determines that other servers hold relevant information the server might refer the client to another server to obtain the result. 检索跟踪是按其在客户端联系以继续执行目录搜索所引用的服务器的过程。Referral chasing is the process by which a client contacts the referenced server to continue the directory search.

使用此枚举的常量设置为转交搜索首选项。Use the constants of this enumeration to set up search preferences for referral chasing. 此操作涉及的相应字段分配DirectorySearcher的元素ReferralChasingOption枚举。The action involves assigning the appropriate fields of DirectorySearcher to elements of the ReferralChasingOption enumeration.

ADSI LDAP 提供程序对于分页搜索,支持外部引用,但在分页过程中不支持的从属检索。The ADSI LDAP provider supports external referrals for paged searches, but does not support subordinate referrals during paging.