Calendar.CurrentEra Field


表示当前日历的当前纪元。Represents the current era of the current calendar. 字段的值为 0。The value of this field is 0.

public: int CurrentEra = 0;
public const int CurrentEra = 0;
val mutable CurrentEra : int
Public Const CurrentEra As Integer  = 0

Field Value



"CurrentEra" 字段表示 Eras 数组中当前纪元的索引。The CurrentEra field represents the index of the current era in the Eras array. 由于纪元按时间顺序反向排列(从当前纪元到早期纪元),因此此字段是值为0的常量。Because eras are arranged in reverse chronological order (from the current era to earlier eras), this field is a constant that has a value of 0.

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