DriveType 枚举


定义驱动器类型常数,包括 CDRom、Fixed、Network、NoRootDirectory、Ram、Removable 和 Unknown。Defines constants for drive types, including CDRom, Fixed, Network, NoRootDirectory, Ram, Removable, and Unknown.

public enum class DriveType
public enum DriveType
public enum DriveType
type DriveType = 
Public Enum DriveType


CDRom 5

驱动器是一个光盘设备,如 CD 或 DVD-ROM。The drive is an optical disc device, such as a CD or DVD-ROM.

Fixed 3

驱动器是一个固定磁盘。The drive is a fixed disk.

Network 4

驱动器是一个网络驱动器。The drive is a network drive.

NoRootDirectory 1

驱动器没有根目录。The drive does not have a root directory.

Ram 6

驱动器是一个 RAM 磁盘。The drive is a RAM disk.

Removable 2

驱动器是一个可移动存储设备,如 U 盘。The drive is a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive.

Unknown 0

驱动器类型未知。The type of drive is unknown.


DriveInfo 类使用 DriveType 来指示驱动器类型。DriveType is used by the DriveInfo class to indicate drive type. 它可与 DriveType 属性一起使用。It can be used with the DriveType property.