IsolatedStorageSecurityState IsolatedStorageSecurityState IsolatedStorageSecurityState IsolatedStorageSecurityState Class


提供用于维护独立存储的配额大小的设置。Provides settings for maintaining the quota size for isolated storage.

public ref class IsolatedStorageSecurityState : System::Security::SecurityState
public class IsolatedStorageSecurityState : System.Security.SecurityState
type IsolatedStorageSecurityState = class
    inherit SecurityState
Public Class IsolatedStorageSecurityState
Inherits SecurityState


此类为主机应用程序提供了设置, 用于在主机的AppDomainManager.CheckSecuritySettings方法实现中执行策略决策。This class provides a host application with settings to perform policy decisions in the host's implementation of the AppDomainManager.CheckSecuritySettings method.


Options Options Options Options

获取用于管理独立存储安全性的选项。Gets the option for managing isolated storage security.

Quota Quota Quota Quota

获取或设置独立存储的当前配额大小。Gets or sets the current size of the quota for isolated storage.

UsedSize UsedSize UsedSize UsedSize

获取独立存储中的当前使用大小。Gets the current usage size in isolated storage.


EnsureState() EnsureState() EnsureState() EnsureState()

确保 IsolatedStorageSecurityState 所表示的状态在主机上可用。Ensures that the state that is represented by IsolatedStorageSecurityState is available on the host.

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IsStateAvailable() IsStateAvailable() IsStateAvailable() IsStateAvailable()

获取一个值,该值指示 SecurityState 类的此实现的状态是否在当前宿主上可用。Gets a value that indicates whether the state for this implementation of the SecurityState class is available on the current host.

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需要对直接调用方的完全信任。requires full trust for the immediate caller. 部分受信任的或透明的代码不能使用此成员。This member cannot be used by partially trusted or transparent code.