IOrderedQueryable IOrderedQueryable IOrderedQueryable IOrderedQueryable Interface


表示排序操作的结果。Represents the result of a sorting operation.

public interface class IOrderedQueryable : System::Collections::IEnumerable, System::Linq::IQueryable
public interface IOrderedQueryable : System.Collections.IEnumerable, System.Linq.IQueryable
type IOrderedQueryable = interface
    interface IQueryable
    interface IEnumerable
Public Interface IOrderedQueryable
Implements IEnumerable, IQueryable


IOrderedQueryable接口旨在由查询提供程序实现。The IOrderedQueryable interface is intended for implementation by query providers.

此接口表示调用OrderBy方法 ( ThenByThenByDescending) OrderByDescending的排序查询的结果。This interface represents the result of a sorting query that calls the method(s) OrderBy, OrderByDescending, ThenBy or ThenByDescending. CreateQuery调用并传递表示排序查询的表达式树时, 生成IQueryable的对象必须是实现IOrderedQueryable的类型。When CreateQuery is called and passed an expression tree that represents a sorting query, the resulting IQueryable object must be of a type that implements IOrderedQueryable.

有关如何创建自己的 linq 提供程序的详细信息, 请参阅 linq:在 MSDN 博客上构建 IQueryable 提供程序。For more information about how to create your own LINQ provider, see LINQ: Building an IQueryable Provider on MSDN Blogs.


GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator() GetEnumerator()

返回循环访问集合的枚举数。Returns an enumerator that iterates through a collection.

(Inherited from IEnumerable)


ElementType ElementType ElementType ElementType

获取在执行与 IQueryable 的此实例关联的表达式树时返回的元素的类型。Gets the type of the element(s) that are returned when the expression tree associated with this instance of IQueryable is executed.

(Inherited from IQueryable)

Expression Expression Expression Expression

获取与 IQueryable 的实例关联的表达式树。Gets the expression tree that is associated with the instance of IQueryable.

(Inherited from IQueryable)

Provider Provider Provider Provider

获取与此数据源相关联的查询提供程序。Gets the query provider that is associated with this data source.

(Inherited from IQueryable)


Cast<TResult>(IEnumerable) Cast<TResult>(IEnumerable) Cast<TResult>(IEnumerable) Cast<TResult>(IEnumerable)

IEnumerable 的元素强制转换为指定的类型。Casts the elements of an IEnumerable to the specified type.

OfType<TResult>(IEnumerable) OfType<TResult>(IEnumerable) OfType<TResult>(IEnumerable) OfType<TResult>(IEnumerable)

根据指定类型筛选 IEnumerable 的元素。Filters the elements of an IEnumerable based on a specified type.

AsParallel(IEnumerable) AsParallel(IEnumerable) AsParallel(IEnumerable) AsParallel(IEnumerable)

启用查询的并行化。Enables parallelization of a query.

AsQueryable(IEnumerable) AsQueryable(IEnumerable) AsQueryable(IEnumerable) AsQueryable(IEnumerable)

IEnumerable 转换为 IQueryableConverts an IEnumerable to an IQueryable.

Cast<TResult>(IQueryable) Cast<TResult>(IQueryable) Cast<TResult>(IQueryable) Cast<TResult>(IQueryable)

IQueryable 的元素转换为指定的类型。Converts the elements of an IQueryable to the specified type.

OfType<TResult>(IQueryable) OfType<TResult>(IQueryable) OfType<TResult>(IQueryable) OfType<TResult>(IQueryable)

根据指定类型筛选 IQueryable 的元素。Filters the elements of an IQueryable based on a specified type.