ProcessorArchitecture Enum


标识可执行文件的目标平台的处理器和每字位数。Identifies the processor and bits-per-word of the platform targeted by an executable.

public enum class ProcessorArchitecture
public enum ProcessorArchitecture
public enum ProcessorArchitecture
type ProcessorArchitecture = 
Public Enum ProcessorArchitecture


Amd64 4

基于 x64 体系结构 的 64 位处理器。A 64-bit processor based on the x64 architecture.

Arm 5

ARM 处理器。An ARM processor.

IA64 3

仅限 64 位 Intel Itanium 处理器。A 64-bit Intel Itanium processor only.


不特定于处理器和每字位数。Neutral with respect to processor and bits-per-word.

None 0

处理器和每字位数的未知或未指定的组合。An unknown or unspecified combination of processor and bits-per-word.

X86 2

32 位 Intel 处理器,位于本机上或位于 64 位平台 (WOW64) 的 Windows on Windows 环境中。A 32-bit Intel processor, either native or in the Windows on Windows environment on a 64-bit platform (WOW64).


并非 PortableExecutableKindsImageFileMachine 的所有组合都描述了有效的 PE 文件类型。Not all combinations of PortableExecutableKinds and ImageFileMachine describe valid PE file types. ProcessorArchitecture 是描述托管代码的有效 PE 文件类型的 PortableExecutableKindsImageFileMachine 组合的集合。ProcessorArchitecture is the set of combinations of PortableExecutableKinds and ImageFileMachine that describe valid PE file types for managed code.

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