SerializationInfo.AssemblyName SerializationInfo.AssemblyName SerializationInfo.AssemblyName SerializationInfo.AssemblyName Property


仅在序列化期间获取或设置要序列化的类型的程序集名称。Gets or sets the assembly name of the type to serialize during serialization only.

 property System::String ^ AssemblyName { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string AssemblyName { get; set; }
member this.AssemblyName : string with get, set
Public Property AssemblyName As String


要序列化的类型的程序集的全名。The full name of the assembly of the type to serialize.


该属性的值设置为 nullThe value the property is set to is null.


与包含类型的程序集的FullName属性返回的值相同。 AssemblyNameThe AssemblyName is the same as the value returned by FullName property of the assembly of the containing type. 这是格式化程序在序列化此对象的类型信息时使用的程序集名称。This is the assembly name that the formatter uses when serializing type information for this object.

程序集名称包含程序集的名称、版本、区域性以及有关对象的某些安全信息。The assembly name contains the name of the assembly, version, culture, and some security information about the object.

更改要序列化的类型的用户 (例如, 为特定类型发送代理) 将设置此属性的值。Users who are changing the type being serialized (for example, to send a proxy for a particular type) will set the value of this property.


在反序列化期间不要使用此属性, 因为此属性的值是不确定的。Do not use this property during deserialization because the value of this property is undefined.