RecipientInfo RecipientInfo RecipientInfo RecipientInfo Class


RecipientInfo 类表示有关 CMS/PKCS #7 消息收件人的信息。The RecipientInfo class represents information about a CMS/PKCS #7 message recipient. RecipientInfo 类是 KeyAgreeRecipientInfoKeyTransRecipientInfo 类继承而来的抽象类。The RecipientInfo class is an abstract class inherited by the KeyAgreeRecipientInfo and KeyTransRecipientInfo classes.

public ref class RecipientInfo abstract
public abstract class RecipientInfo
type RecipientInfo = class
Public MustInherit Class RecipientInfo


这是一个不能实例化的抽象类。This is an abstract class that cannot be instantiated. 它由KeyAgreeRecipientInfoKeyTransRecipientInfo类继承。It is inherited by the KeyAgreeRecipientInfo and KeyTransRecipientInfo classes.


EncryptedKey EncryptedKey EncryptedKey EncryptedKey

EncryptedKey 抽象属性检索加密的收件人密钥材料。The EncryptedKey abstract property retrieves the encrypted recipient keying material.

KeyEncryptionAlgorithm KeyEncryptionAlgorithm KeyEncryptionAlgorithm KeyEncryptionAlgorithm

KeyEncryptionAlgorithm 抽象属性检索用于建立密钥的算法。The KeyEncryptionAlgorithm abstract property retrieves the algorithm used to perform the key establishment.

RecipientIdentifier RecipientIdentifier RecipientIdentifier RecipientIdentifier

RecipientIdentifier 抽象属性检索收件人的标识符。The RecipientIdentifier abstract property retrieves the identifier of the recipient.

Type Type Type Type

Type 属性检索收件人的类型。The Type property retrieves the type of the recipient. 收件人的类型决定使用两个主要协议中的哪个协议在 CMS/PKCS #7 消息的发信方和收件人之间建立密钥。The type of the recipient determines which of two major protocols is used to establish a key between the originator and the recipient of a CMS/PKCS #7 message.

Version Version Version Version

Version 抽象属性检索收件人信息的版本。The Version abstract property retrieves the version of the recipient information. 派生类自动为其对象设置此属性,此值指示正使用 PKCS #7 还是加密消息语法 (CMS) 来保护消息。Derived classes automatically set this property for their objects, and the value indicates whether it is using PKCS #7 or Cryptographic Message Syntax (CMS) to protect messages. 此版本还指示 RecipientInfo 对象是按密钥协议算法还是密钥传输算法建立加密密钥。The version also implies whether the RecipientInfo object establishes a cryptographic key by a key agreement algorithm or a key transport algorithm.


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