SecurityTokenInclusionMode 枚举


消息的令牌包含要求列表。A list of token inclusion requirements for messages.

public enum class SecurityTokenInclusionMode
public enum SecurityTokenInclusionMode
type SecurityTokenInclusionMode = 
Public Enum SecurityTokenInclusionMode


AlwaysToInitiator 3

令牌始终包含在发起方的消息中,而从不包含在接收方的消息中。The token is always included in messages to the initiator and never to the recipient.

AlwaysToRecipient 0

令牌始终包含在接收方的消息中,而从不包含在发起方的消息中。The token is always included in messages to the recipient and never to the initiator.

Never 1

令牌从不包含在消息中,但会被引用。The token is never included in messages but is referenced. 令牌对于带外的接收方必须是已知的。The token must be known to the recipient out of band. 此选项不是现成可用的。The option does not work out of the box. 您需要为其包含自定义凭据,才可使用。You need to include custom credentials for this to work.

Once 2

包含令牌一次。The token is included once. 该令牌只能在一条发起方发送给接收方的消息包含。The token must be included in only one message sent from the initiator to the recipient. 该令牌的引用可能会使用内部引用机制。References to the token may use an internal reference mechanism. 接收方和发起方之间随后发送的相关消息可以使用外部引用机制引用令牌。Subsequent related messages sent between the recipient and the initiator may refer to the token using an external reference mechanism.


SecurityTokenInclusionMode枚举成员用作SecurityTokenParameters类的许多方法中的参数, 以及在创建绑定元素和证书时其派生类中的参数。SecurityTokenInclusionMode enumeration members are used as parameters in many methods of the SecurityTokenParameters class and in its derived classes when creating binding elements and certificates.