SemanticValue.Value 属性


返回当前 SemanticValue 中包含的信息的只读属性。A read-only property that returns the information contained in the current SemanticValue.

 property System::Object ^ Value { System::Object ^ get(); };
public object Value { get; }
member this.Value : obj
Public ReadOnly Property Value As Object


返回包含存储在当前 Object 实例信息的 SemanticValue 实例。Returns an Object instance containing the information stored in the current SemanticValue instance.


下面的示例用于以递归方式遍历并显示信息 (包括置信度) TreeNodeCollection, 或用作构成用于识别短语的语义树结构的节点。The following example is used to recursively traverse and then display information (including confidence) as a TreeNodeCollection, or as the nodes making up the tree structure of the semantics used to recognize a phrase.

internal static void CreateSemanticsTreeNodes(  
          TreeNodeCollection nodes,  
          SemanticValue semantics,  
          String name)   
  string semanticsText =   
      String.Format("  {0} ( Confidence {1})", name,semantics.Confidence);  
  // Format integers as hexadecimal.  
  if (semantics.Value == null )  
    semanticsText = semanticsText + " = null";  
  else if (semantics.Value.GetType() == typeof(int))   
    semanticsText = String.Format("{0} = {1:X} ", semanticsText, semantics.Value);  
    semanticsText = semanticsText + " = " + semantics.Value.ToString();  
  TreeNode semanticsNode = new TreeNode(semanticsText);  
  foreach (KeyValuePair<String, SemanticValue> child in semantics)   
    CreateSemanticsTreeNodes(semanticsNode.Nodes, child.Value, child.Key);  


未使用语义分析的识别结果始终具有ValuenullCount属性为零。Recognition results which do not make use of semantic parsing always have a Value of null and a Count property of zero.