StateChangedEventArgs.RecognizerState StateChangedEventArgs.RecognizerState StateChangedEventArgs.RecognizerState StateChangedEventArgs.RecognizerState Property


获取 Windows 中的共享语音识别引擎的当前状态。Gets the current state of the shared speech recognition engine in Windows.

 property System::Speech::Recognition::RecognizerState RecognizerState { System::Speech::Recognition::RecognizerState get(); };
public System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerState RecognizerState { get; }
member this.RecognizerState : System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerState
Public ReadOnly Property RecognizerState As RecognizerState


指示共享语音识别引擎的状态是 Listening 还是 StoppedRecognizerState 实例。A RecognizerState instance that indicates whether the state of a shared speech recognition engine is Listening or Stopped.


RecognizerState下面的示例基于RecognizerState从传递到StateChanged事件的处理程序的StateChangedEventArgs实例的属性获取的实例的状态信息, 更新显示。The following example updates a display based on the state information provided by a RecognizerState instance that is obtained from the RecognizerState property of a StateChangedEventArgs instance passed to a handler for a StateChanged event.

// Make sure that _recognizer and recognition start buttons are disabled if state is stopped.  
// Re-enable the start button to allow manual re-enable if the speech recognizer is listening.  
_recognizer.StateChanged +=  
  delegate(object sender, StateChangedEventArgs eventArgs)   
  _recognizerStateLabel.Text = "Speech Recognizer State: " + eventArgs.RecognizerState.ToString();