UriBuilder.Uri Property


获取由指定的 UriBuilder 实例构造的 Uri 实例。Gets the Uri instance constructed by the specified UriBuilder instance.

 property Uri ^ Uri { Uri ^ get(); };
public Uri Uri { get; }
member this.Uri : Uri
Public ReadOnly Property Uri As Uri

Property Value


一个 Uri,它包含由 UriBuilder 构造的 URI。A Uri that contains the URI constructed by the UriBuilder.


适用于 Windows 应用商店应用的 .NET可移植类库中,改为捕获基类异常 FormatExceptionIn the .NET for Windows Store apps or the Portable Class Library, catch the base class exception, FormatException, instead.

UriBuilder 属性构造的 URI 无效。The URI constructed by the UriBuilder properties is invalid.


Uri 属性包含 UriBuilder创建的 UriThe Uri property contains the Uri created by the UriBuilder. UriBuilder 属性所做的任何更改都会反映在 Uri 属性中。Any changes made to the UriBuilder properties are reflected in the Uri property.

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