UriTemplateTable.MatchSingle(Uri) 方法


尝试将候选 UriUriTemplateTable 匹配。Attempts to match a candidate Uri to the UriTemplateTable.

 UriTemplateMatch ^ MatchSingle(Uri ^ uri);
public UriTemplateMatch MatchSingle (Uri uri);
member this.MatchSingle : Uri -> UriTemplateMatch



候选 URI。The candidate URI.


单个 UriTemplateMatch 实例。A single UriTemplateMatch instance.


下面的示例演示如何调用 MatchSingle(Uri) 方法。The following example shows how to call the MatchSingle(Uri) method.

Uri prefix = new Uri("http://localhost/");

//Create a series of templates
UriTemplate weatherByCity = new UriTemplate("weather/ state}/ city}");
UriTemplate weatherByCountry = new UriTemplate("weather/ country}/ village}");
UriTemplate weatherByState = new UriTemplate("weather/ state}");
UriTemplate traffic = new UriTemplate("traffic/*");
UriTemplate wildcard = new UriTemplate("*");

//Create a template table
UriTemplateTable table = new UriTemplateTable(prefix);
//Add each template to the table with some associated data
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(new KeyValuePair<UriTemplate, Object>(weatherByCity, "weatherByCity"));
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(new KeyValuePair<UriTemplate, Object>(weatherByCountry, "weatherByCountry"));
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(new KeyValuePair<UriTemplate, Object>(weatherByState, "weatherByState"));
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(new KeyValuePair<UriTemplate, Object>(traffic, "traffic"));


//Call MatchSingle to retrieve some match results:
Uri weatherInSeattle = new Uri("http://localhost/weather/Washington/Seattle");
UriTemplateMatch match = table.MatchSingle(weatherInSeattle);

Console.WriteLine("Matching template: {0}", match.Template.ToString());
Dim prefix As New Uri("http://localhost/")

' Create a series of templates
Dim weatherByCity As New UriTemplate("weather/ state}/ city}")
Dim weatherByCountry As New UriTemplate("weather/ country}/ village}")
Dim weatherByState As New UriTemplate("weather/ state}")
Dim traffic As New UriTemplate("traffic/*")
Dim wildcard = New UriTemplate("*")

' Create a template table
Dim table As New UriTemplateTable(prefix)
' Add each template to the table with some associated data
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(New KeyValuePair(Of UriTemplate, Object)(weatherByCity, "weatherByCity"))
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(New KeyValuePair(Of UriTemplate, Object)(weatherByCountry, "weatherByCountry"))
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(New KeyValuePair(Of UriTemplate, Object)(weatherByState, "weatherByState"))
table.KeyValuePairs.Add(New KeyValuePair(Of UriTemplate, Object)(traffic, "traffic"))


' Call MatchSingle to retrieve some match results:
Dim weatherInSeattle As New Uri("http://localhost/weather/Washington/Seattle")
Dim match As UriTemplateMatch
match = table.MatchSingle(weatherInSeattle)

Console.WriteLine("Matching template: {0}", match.Template.ToString())


此方法最多返回一个匹配项。This method returns, at most, one match. 如果找到多个匹配项,则会引发 UriTemplateMatchExceptionIf more than one match is found, a UriTemplateMatchException is thrown.