WebApplicationLevel WebApplicationLevel WebApplicationLevel WebApplicationLevel Enum


指定 Web 应用程序配置文件的路径级别。Specifies the path level of a Web-application configuration file.

public enum class WebApplicationLevel
public enum WebApplicationLevel
type WebApplicationLevel = 
Public Enum WebApplicationLevel


AboveApplication AboveApplication AboveApplication AboveApplication 10

指定配置文件位于相对于当前 ASP.NET Web 应用程序的全局目录中。Specifies that the configuration file is in a global directory in relation to the current ASP.NET Web application.

AtApplication AtApplication AtApplication AtApplication 20

指定配置文件位于当前 ASP.NET Web 应用程序的根目录中。Specifies that the configuration file is in the root directory of the current ASP.NET Web application.

BelowApplication BelowApplication BelowApplication BelowApplication 30

指定配置文件位于当前 ASP.NET Web 应用程序的子目录中。Specifies that the configuration file is in a sub-directory of the current ASP.NET Web application.


WebApplicationLevel类提供了用于区分其中一个配置文件是与 ASP.NET Web 应用程序的根级别相关的三个级别。The WebApplicationLevel class provides three levels that are used to distinguish where a configuration file is in relation to the root level of an ASP.NET Web application. 三种的路径级别类型是 AboveApplication、 AtApplication 和 BelowApplication。The three path-level types are AboveApplication, AtApplication, and BelowApplication.