Series.XValueType 属性


获取或设置沿 X 轴绘制的值类型。Gets or sets the value types plotted along the X-axis.

 property System::Web::UI::DataVisualization::Charting::ChartValueType XValueType { System::Web::UI::DataVisualization::Charting::ChartValueType get(); void set(System::Web::UI::DataVisualization::Charting::ChartValueType value); };
public System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.ChartValueType XValueType { get; set; }
member this.XValueType : System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting.ChartValueType with get, set
Public Property XValueType As ChartValueType


一个 ChartValueType 枚举值,决定系列存储的 X 值数据的类型。A ChartValueType enumeration value that determines the type of X-value data stored by the series. 默认值为 AutoThe default value is Auto.



XValueType属性确定序列存储的数据的类型。The XValueType property determines the type of data stored by the series.

将此属性设置DateTime为, 以允许将 X 值DateTime作为值输入Double, 而不是作为。Set this property to DateTime to allow the X-value to be entered as a DateTime value, and not as a Double. 日期和时间值由作为Double值 .NET Framework 存储。Date and time values are internally stored by .NET Framework as Double values. 这同样适用于ToPosition CustomLabel对象的和FromPosition属性。The same holds true for the ToPosition and FromPosition properties of CustomLabel objects.

IntervalType轴标签、刻度线和网格类中找到的属性决定了间隔类型。The IntervalType property found in axis label, tick mark, and grid classes determines the interval type.


若要正确地DateTime将格式应用于从数据点 X 值生成的轴标签, 请Format使用属性, 此属性必须设置为DateTimeTo correctly apply a DateTime format to axis labels that are generated from data point X-values, using the Format property, this property must be set to DateTime.

此属性还可用于确定与 X 值绑定的数据类型。This property can also be used to determine the data type to which the X-values are bound.