ViewEvent.Click 字段


指示在设计器区域上单击引发了查看事件。Indicates that a view event was raised for a click on a designer region.

public: static initonly System::Web::UI::Design::ViewEvent ^ Click;
public static readonly System.Web.UI.Design.ViewEvent Click;
 staticval mutable Click : System.Web.UI.Design.ViewEvent
Public Shared ReadOnly Click As ViewEvent 



委托方法将EventType属性与静态ViewEvent字段进行比较, 以确定引发事件的操作的类型。 ViewEventHandlerA ViewEventHandler delegate method compares the EventType property to the static ViewEvent fields to determine which type of action raised the event. ViewEvent 对象Click等于, 指示您在设计图面上单击了某个区域。A ViewEvent object is equal to Click to indicate that you clicked a region on the design surface.

类提供默认ViewEventHandler委托。 ControlDesignerThe ControlDesigner class supplies a default ViewEventHandler delegate. 如果事件类型为Click, 则委托OnClick调用方法。If the event type is Click, the delegate calls the OnClick method. ControlDesigner类派生的类将OnClick重写方法, 以便在设计时处理某个区域的 click 事件。Classes deriving from the ControlDesigner class override the OnClick method to handle click events on a region at design time. 事件参数指示单击了哪个设计器区域 (如果有)。The event arguments indicate which designer region was clicked, if any.