WebPartZoneBase.MenuCheckImageStyle 属性


获取应用于出现在选定谓词文本后的谓词菜单文本上的选中标记图像的特性。Gets style attributes that are applied to the check mark image that appears on a verbs menu next to the selected verb text.

 property System::Web::UI::WebControls::Style ^ MenuCheckImageStyle { System::Web::UI::WebControls::Style ^ get(); };
public System.Web.UI.WebControls.Style MenuCheckImageStyle { get; }
member this.MenuCheckImageStyle : System.Web.UI.WebControls.Style
Public ReadOnly Property MenuCheckImageStyle As Style


包含谓词菜单中的选中标记图像的样式特性的 StyleA Style that contains the style attributes for check mark images in a verbs menu.



仅当在将属性值设置为 true的谓词 Checked 菜单中有自定义 WebPartVerb 对象时,MenuCheckImageStyle 属性才适用。The MenuCheckImageStyle property applies only when there is a custom WebPartVerb object in a verbs menu that has its Checked property value set to true. MenuCheckImageStyle 属性中包含的样式特性适用于显示在菜单中谓词文本旁边的复选标记图像的样式。The style attributes contained in the MenuCheckImageStyle property pertain to the style of the check mark image that appears next to the verb's text in the menu.

WebPartZoneBase 区域中的每个 WebPart 控件在其标题栏中都有其自己的谓词菜单。Each WebPart control in a WebPartZoneBase zone has its own verbs menu in its title bar. 谓词菜单可以同时包含 Web 部件控件集中包括的标准谓词和开发人员创建的自定义 WebPartVerb 对象。The verbs menu can contain both standard verbs included in the Web Parts control set, and custom WebPartVerb objects created by developers.

WebPart 控制谓词菜单中的标准谓词(包括用于导出、删除和打开帮助页的谓词)是执行任务一次并完成的单一操作谓词。The standard verbs in a WebPart control verbs menu--including the verbs for exporting, deleting, and opening a Help page--are single-action verbs that carry out their tasks once and are done. 不需要在菜单中使用复选标记来标记这些谓词,因为它们都不指示任何类型的继续状态。There is no need to ever mark these verbs in the menu with a check mark, because none of them indicate any sort of continuing state. 因此,无法设置这些谓词上的 Checked 属性,并且 MenuCheckImageStyle 属性根本不适用于它们。Therefore, the Checked property on these verbs cannot be set, and the MenuCheckImageStyle property does not apply to them at all.

但是,开发人员可以创建一个自定义 WebPartVerb 控件,该控件可能通过将其 Checked 属性设置为 true来指示带有选中标记的继续状态。However, developers can create a custom WebPartVerb control that might indicate a continuing state with a check mark, by setting its Checked property to true.