DocumentViewer.Zoom 属性


获取或设置文档缩放百分比。Gets or sets the document zoom percentage.

 property double Zoom { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double Zoom { get; set; }
member this.Zoom : double with get, set
Public Property Zoom As Double



缩放百分比表示为 5.0 到 5000.0 之间的一个值。The zoom percentage expressed as a value, 5.0 to 5000.0. 默认值为 100.0,对应于 100.0%。The default is 100.0, which corresponds to 100.0%.


设置此属性将导致 DocumentViewer 控件缩放到指定的值。Setting this property causes the DocumentViewer control to zoom to the specified value.

Zoom属性的值必须介于5.0 到5000.0 之间 (包含) ,这对应于百分比范围5.0% 到5000.0%。The Zoom property must be a value between 5.0 to 5000.0 (inclusive), which corresponds to a percentage range 5.0% to 5000.0%.

需要布局更新的操作或命令可更改 Zoom 属性设置。Actions or commands that require a layout update may change the Zoom property setting. 例如,更改的值 MaxPagesAcross 、调用 FitToHeight 方法或调用 FitToHeightCommand 会导致 Zoom 设置更改。For example, changing the value of MaxPagesAcross, calling the FitToHeight method, or invoking the FitToHeightCommand can cause the Zoom setting to change.

依赖项属性信息Dependency Property Information

标识符字段Identifier field ZoomProperty
元数据属性设置为 trueMetadata properties set to true BindsTwoWayByDefault