System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures Namespace

提供一些类,这些类使用节、段落、图形、项目符号列表或编号列表以及表格来描述 XpsDocument 的结构。 Provides classes to describe the structure of an XpsDocument in terms of sections, paragraphs, figures, bulleted or numbered lists, and tables.


不要使用。Do not use.


表示文档中的绘图、图表或关系图。Represents a drawing, chart, or diagram in a document.


表示列表或大纲中的项。Represents an item in a list or outline.


表示文档中项的列表。Represents a list of items in a document.


标识 FixedPage 下的元素层次结构中的元素。Identifies an element within the hierarchy of elements under a FixedPage.


表示文档中的段落。Represents a paragraph in a document.


表示文档中的一部分内容。Represents a section of content in a document.


XML 纸张规范 (XPS) 文档的标记中的 XML 元素。An XML element in the markup for XML Paper Specification (XPS) documents.


标识由一个或多个 StoryFragment 元素组成的文章的开头或结尾。Identifies the start or end of story composed of one or more StoryFragment elements.


表示 XPS 文档中的整篇文章或其中一部分。Represents all or part of a story within an XPS document.


表示一组元素,其中包含一个或多个 StoryFragment 元素。Represents a set of one or more StoryFragment elements.


表示表中的单元格。Represents a cell in a table.


表示表中的一行或多行的集合。Represents a set of one or more rows in a table.


表示表中的一个或多个单元格的行。Represents a row of one or more cells in a table.


表示文档中的表。Represents a table in a document.


格式设置和布局XPSXPS文档使内容在语义形式如段落、 表格中的行为的不同部分,并列出。The formatting and layout of an XPSXPS document enables different parts of the content to behave in a semantic form such as in paragraphs, tables, and lists. 人们所能觉察出内容的外观; 语义的结构但的物理格式和标记的布局不显式标识实际语义元素。Humans can perceive the semantic structure of the content from its appearance; but the physical format and layout of the markup does not explicitly identify the actual semantic elements. 若要启用的文档组织,以编程方式了解System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures命名空间提供了可用于定义该文档由其语义部分的结构元素。To enable programmatic understanding of the document organization, the System.Windows.Documents.DocumentStructures namespace provides structure elements that can be used to define the document by its semantic parts.

每一页XPSXPS文档包含FixedPage元素,用于定义其内容形式的运行位置的文本和图形。Each page of an XPSXPS document contains a FixedPage element that defines its content in the form of positional text runs and graphics. 通过使用文档结构元素,页XPSXPS还可以与之关联文档StoryFragment定义的元素结构中的各节、 段落、 列表、 图形,窗体页的和表。Through the use of document structure elements, pages of an XPSXPS document can also be associated with StoryFragment elements that define the structure of the page in the form of sections, paragraphs, lists, figures, and tables. NamedElement类用于定义文档标记的内容和结构的各部分之间的关联。The NamedElement class is used to define the associations between content and structure parts of the document markup. 一个NamedElement是一个结构元素,如位于表单元格、 项目符号列表项的子级StoryFragment页面的层次结构。A NamedElement is the child of a structural element, such as a table cell or bullet list item that is located in the StoryFragment hierarchy of a page. 一个NamedElement标识中的项FixedPage同一页面的层次结构。A NamedElement identifies an item in the FixedPage hierarchy of the same page. 它引用的项是结构化元素的内容。The item it refers to is the content of the structural element.

创建的应用程序XPSXPS文档不需要包括结构标记,但使用的文档结构元素增强了的灵活性所依据的应用程序可以访问和使用文档的内容。Applications that create XPSXPS documents are not required to include structural markup, but use of document structure elements enhances the flexibility by which applications can access and use the content of a document.

有关结构元素的详细信息XPSXPS文档,请参阅第 9 章和附录 E 的 XML 纸张规范 (XPS) 下载 For more information about structure elements of XPSXPS documents, see Chapter 9 and Appendix E of the XML Paper Specification (XPS) available for download at