Control.ScaleChildren 属性


获取一个值,该值确定子控件的缩放。Gets a value that determines the scaling of child controls.

 virtual property bool ScaleChildren { bool get(); };
protected virtual bool ScaleChildren { get; }
member this.ScaleChildren : bool
Protected Overridable ReadOnly Property ScaleChildren As Boolean


如果在调用该控件上的 true 方法时将缩放子控件,则为 Scale(Single);否则为 falsetrue if child controls will be scaled when the Scale(Single) method on this control is called; otherwise, false. 默认值为 trueThe default is true.


如果 trueScaleChildren 属性,则 Scale 方法将以递归方式调用其每个子控件的 ScaleControl 方法。If the ScaleChildren property is true, then the Scale method will recursively call the ScaleControl method of each of its child controls.

ScaleChildren 的默认实现始终返回 trueThe default implementation of ScaleChildren always returns true. 派生类可以重写 ScaleChildren 以返回 false,以指示不应在其子级上执行缩放。Derived classes can override ScaleChildren to return false to indicate that scaling should not be performed on their children.