Control.UpdateZOrder Method


按控件的父级的 Z 顺序更新控件。Updates the control in its parent's z-order.

 void UpdateZOrder();
protected void UpdateZOrder ();
member this.UpdateZOrder : unit -> unit
Protected Sub UpdateZOrder ()


UpdateZOrder 方法更新控件在其父控件的 z 顺序中的位置。The UpdateZOrder method updates the position of the control in its parent control's z-order. 例如,如果此控件是一个添加到 Control.ControlCollection的新创建的控件,则将使用添加到后面的新控件更新 z 顺序。For example, if this control is a newly created control that was added to a Control.ControlCollection, the z-order is updated with the new control added to the back.

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