Axis.Minimum 属性


获取或设置轴的最小值。Gets or sets the minimum value of an axis.

 property double Minimum { double get(); void set(double value); };
public double Minimum { get; set; }
member this.Minimum : double with get, set
Public Property Minimum As Double


一个 double 值,该值表示轴的最小值。A double value that represents the minimum value of an axis. 默认值为 NaNThe default value is NaN.



请注意,如果显式设置此值,则必须考虑数据元素的 X 值。Note that if you set this value explicitly, the X-values of data elements must be taken into account. 如果所有数据点的 X 值都为零,则 Chart 控件将假定第一个数据点出现在零。If all data points have X-values of zero, the Chart control will assume the first data point occurs at zero. 此外,如果显式设置了 Minimum 值,则将忽略 IsStartedFromZero 属性。Also, if the Minimum value is explicitly set, the IsStartedFromZero property will be ignored. Minimum 值必须小于 Maximum 值。The Minimum value must be less than the Maximum value.

自动舍入最大和最小轴值。To automatically round the maximum and minimum axis values. 调用 RoundAxisValues 方法。call the RoundAxisValues method.