AxisScaleBreakStyle 类


表示图表 Y 轴上的刻度分隔线。Represents a scale break on the Y-axis of the chart.

public ref class AxisScaleBreakStyle
public class AxisScaleBreakStyle
type AxisScaleBreakStyle = class
Public Class AxisScaleBreakStyle


刻度分隔线是在 Y 轴上有意中断的, 它最常用于在图表中重新分布序列中的数据点。Scale breaks are intentional discontinuities on the Y-axis that are most often used to redistribute the data points in a series on a chart. 此功能可在绘制一个序列中数据的高值和低值之间存在较大差异时, 提高可读性。This feature improves readability when there are large differences between the high and low values of the data in one series being plotted. 对于多个序列中的数据之间的差异, 不绘制刻度分隔线。Scale breaks are not drawn for differences between data in multiple series.

默认情况下, 将禁用刻度分隔线。By default, scale breaks are disabled. 可以通过将Enabled属性设置为true, 在 Y 轴上启用刻度分隔线。You can enable scale breaks on the Y-axis by setting the Enabled property to true. 若要更改刻度分隔线的垂直空间量, 您可以指定一个Spacing值。To change the amount of vertical space of the scale break, you can specify a Spacing value. 此值按 Y 轴刻度的百分比计算。This is calculated as a percentage of the Y-axis scale.

必须在单个序列中的数据点范围之间进行足够的分隔, 才能绘制刻度分隔线。You must have sufficient separation between ranges of data points in a single series to draw a scale break. 默认情况下, 只有在至少 25% 的图表的数据范围之间进行分隔时, 才可以添加刻度分隔线。By default, a scale break can be added only if there is a separation between the data ranges of at least 25% of the chart. 如果您启用了刻度分隔线, 但它没有显示, 即使数据区域之间有足够的距离, 您也可以将CollapsibleSpaceThreshold属性设置为小于25的值。If you enable a scale break but it does not appear, even though there is sufficient distance between the data ranges, you can set the CollapsibleSpaceThreshold property to a value less than 25.

图表支持每个图表最多5个刻度分隔线;但是, 如果您显示多个刻度分隔线, 则图表可能变为不可读。Charts support up to five scale breaks per chart; however, the chart can become unreadable if you display more than one scale break. 如果有两个以上的数据范围, 请考虑使用不同的方法来显示此数据。If you have more than two data ranges, consider using a different method for displaying this data. MaxNumberOfBreaks使用属性可以减少可在图表中显示的刻度分隔线数。Use the MaxNumberOfBreaks property to reduce the number of scale breaks that can be displayed on the chart.

使用刻度分隔线时, Y 轴标签可能变为偏移量。When a scale break is used, the Y-axis labels may become offset. 若要禁用标签偏移量, 请IsStaggered将属性false设置为。To disable the label offset, set the IsStaggered property to false.

在下列任一情况下, 不支持刻度分隔线:Scale breaks are not supported under any of the following conditions:

  • 使用饼图、圆环图、漏斗图、棱锥图、径向图或任何堆积图类型。Pie, doughnut, funnel, pyramid, radial or any stacked chart types are used.

  • 已启用标签、刻度线或网格线的自定义间隔。Custom intervals for labels, tick marks or grid lines are enabled.

  • 设置轴的最小值或最大值。The minimum or maximum value for the axis is set.

  • 使用自定义标签。Custom labels are used.

  • 指定了对数 Y 轴。A logarithmic Y-axis is specified.

  • 使用 Y 轴上的轴视图, 其中包括滚动和缩放。Axis views on the Y-axis, which include scrolling and zooming, are used.

  • 使用三维图表。3-D charts are used.



初始化 AxisScaleBreakStyle 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the AxisScaleBreakStyle class.



获取或设置将用于绘制刻度分隔线的分隔线的样式。Gets or sets the style of the break line that will be used to draw the scale break.


获取或设置图表上将绘制刻度分隔线处的空间的阈值。Gets or sets the threshold of space on the chart at which scale breaks are drawn.


获取或设置一个标志,该标志指示是否启用刻度分隔线。Gets or sets a flag that indicates whether scale breaks are enabled.


获取或设置刻度分隔线的颜色。Gets or sets the color of the scale break line.


获取或设置刻度分隔线的样式。Gets or sets the style of the scale break line.


获取或设置刻度分隔线的宽度。Gets or sets the width of the scale break line.


获取或设置要在图表上显示的最多刻度分隔线数。Gets or sets the maximum number of scale breaks to be displayed on the chart.


获取或设置刻度分隔线之间的间距。Gets or sets the spacing gap between the lines of the scale break. 该间距以 Y 轴的百分比表示。The spacing gap is represented as a percentage of the Y-axis.


获取或设置一个 StartFromZero 枚举值,该值指示是否从零开始刻度分隔。Gets or sets a StartFromZero enumeration value that indicates whether to start the scale break from zero.



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