GridItemType GridItemType GridItemType GridItemType Enum


PropertyGrid 指定有效的网格项类型。Specifies the valid grid item types for a PropertyGrid.

public enum class GridItemType
public enum GridItemType
type GridItemType = 
Public Enum GridItemType


ArrayValue ArrayValue ArrayValue ArrayValue 2

GridItem 是数组的元素。The GridItem is an element of an array.

Category Category Category Category 1

是类别名的网格条目。A grid entry that is a category name. 类别是对成组 GridItem 行的描述性分组。A category is a descriptive grouping for groups of GridItem rows. 典型的类别包括下面的“行为”、“布局”、“数据”和“外观”。Typical categories include the following Behavior, Layout, Data, and Appearance.

Property Property Property Property 0

与属性相对应的网格条目。A grid entry that corresponds to a property.

Root Root Root Root 3

网格层次结构中的根项。A root item in the grid hierarchy.