ScrollableControl.ScrollStateFullDrag Field


确定用户是否启用了全窗口拖动。Determines whether the user has enabled full window drag.

protected: int ScrollStateFullDrag = 16;
protected const int ScrollStateFullDrag = 16;
val mutable ScrollStateFullDrag : int
Protected Const ScrollStateFullDrag As Integer  = 16

Field Value



ScrollStateFullDrag 字段为掩码。The ScrollStateFullDrag field is a mask. 将其与 GetScrollStateSetScrollState 方法一起使用,以获取和设置用户是否已启用全窗口拖动。Use it with the GetScrollState and SetScrollState methods to get and set whether the user has enabled full window drag.

启用全窗口拖动后,当用户移动和调整窗口大小时,将显示 windows 的内容。When full window drag is enabled, the contents of windows are displayed when the user moves and sizes the windows.

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