ScrollProperties ScrollProperties ScrollProperties ScrollProperties Class


封装与滚动有关的属性。Encapsulates properties related to scrolling.

public ref class ScrollProperties abstract
public abstract class ScrollProperties
type ScrollProperties = class
Public MustInherit Class ScrollProperties


这是一个抽象类。This is an abstract class. Windows 窗体直接使用的实际派生类是HScrollPropertiesVScrollProperties, 它们ScrollableControlHorizontalScroll的和VerticalScroll属性返回。The actual derived classes used directly by Windows Forms are HScrollProperties and VScrollProperties, which are returned by the HorizontalScroll and VerticalScroll properties of ScrollableControl.


ScrollProperties(ScrollableControl) ScrollProperties(ScrollableControl) ScrollProperties(ScrollableControl) ScrollProperties(ScrollableControl)

初始化 ScrollProperties 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the ScrollProperties class.


Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled

获取或设置是否可在容器上使用滚动条。Gets or sets whether the scroll bar can be used on the container.

LargeChange LargeChange LargeChange LargeChange

获取或设置在响应大范围滚动命令时滚动条的移动距离。Gets or sets the distance to move a scroll bar in response to a large scroll command.

Maximum Maximum Maximum Maximum

获取或设置可滚动范围的上限。Gets or sets the upper limit of the scrollable range.

Minimum Minimum Minimum Minimum

获取或设置可滚动范围的下限。Gets or sets the lower limit of the scrollable range.

ParentControl ParentControl ParentControl ParentControl

获取要应用此滚动信息的控件。Gets the control to which this scroll information applies.

SmallChange SmallChange SmallChange SmallChange

获取或设置在响应小范围滚动命令时滚动条的移动距离。Gets or sets the distance to move a scroll bar in response to a small scroll command.

Value Value Value Value

获取或设置表示滚动条框的当前位置的数值。Gets or sets a numeric value that represents the current position of the scroll bar box.

Visible Visible Visible Visible

获取或设置一个值,该值指示用户是否可以看到滚动条。Gets or sets whether the scroll bar can be seen by the user.


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