ToolStripItem.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription ToolStripItem.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription ToolStripItem.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription ToolStripItem.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription Property


获取或设置控件的默认操作说明以供具有辅助功能的客户端应用程序使用。Gets or sets the default action description of the control for use by accessibility client applications.

 property System::String ^ AccessibleDefaultActionDescription { System::String ^ get(); void set(System::String ^ value); };
public string AccessibleDefaultActionDescription { get; set; }
member this.AccessibleDefaultActionDescription : string with get, set
Public Property AccessibleDefaultActionDescription As String


控件的默认操作说明,供具有辅助功能的客户端应用程序使用。The default action description of the control, for use by accessibility client applications.


对象的AccessibleDefaultActionDescription属性介绍了从用户的角度来看对象的主要操作方法。An object's AccessibleDefaultActionDescription property describes the object's primary method of manipulation from the user's viewpoint. 此属性应为谓词或短动词短语。This property should be a verb or a short verb phrase.


并非所有对象都有默认操作,一些对象可能具有与其AccessibleObject.Value属性相关的默认操作,如以下示例中所示:Not all objects have default actions, and some objects might have a default action that is related to its AccessibleObject.Value property, such as in the following examples:

  • 选中的复选框的默认操作为 "取消选中" 且值为 "已选中"。A selected check box has a default action of "Uncheck" and a value of "Checked."

  • 清除的复选框的默认操作为 "检查",值为 "未选中"。A cleared check box has a default action of "Check" and a value of "Unchecked."

  • 标记为 "打印" 的按钮具有默认操作 "按",没有任何值。A button labeled Print has a default action of "Press," with no value.

  • 显示 "打印机" 的标签或文本框控件没有默认操作,但其值为 "Printer"。A label or a text box control that shows Printer has no default action, but would have a value of "Printer."

有关可访问对象的属性的详细信息,请参阅描述性属性的内容For more information about properties of accessible objects, see Content of Descriptive Properties.

有关示例,请参阅AccessibleObject类。For samples, see the AccessibleObject class.