ToolTip.IsBalloon Property


获取或设置一个指示工具提示是否应使用气球状窗口的值。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the ToolTip should use a balloon window.

 property bool IsBalloon { bool get(); void set(bool value); };
public bool IsBalloon { get; set; }
member this.IsBalloon : bool with get, set
Public Property IsBalloon As Boolean

Property Value


如果应使用气球状窗口,则为 true;如果应使用标准矩形窗口,则为 falsetrue if a balloon window should be used; otherwise, false if a standard rectangular window should be used. 默认为 falseThe default is false.


默认情况下,工具提示使用 bare 矩形窗口显示。By default, ToolTips are displayed using bare rectangular windows. 通过将 IsBalloon 属性设置为 true,工具提示将使用气球状窗口显示。By setting the IsBalloon property to true, the ToolTip will be displayed using a balloon window.

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