VisualStyleElement.ClassName 属性


获取此 VisualStyleElement 表示的视觉样式元素的类名。Gets the class name of the visual style element that this VisualStyleElement represents.

 property System::String ^ ClassName { System::String ^ get(); };
public string ClassName { get; }
member this.ClassName : string
Public ReadOnly Property ClassName As String


一个表示视觉样式元素的类名的字符串。A string that represents the class name of a visual style element.


类名引用一组相关的视觉样式元素,这些元素通常一起绘制。A class name refers to a group of related visual style elements that are typically drawn together. 类名称可以与控件(如 "滚动条" 和 "跟踪条")相对应,但类名称还可以引用与特定控件不对应的一组元素,例如 "EXPLORERBAR" 和 "STARTPANEL"。A class name can correspond to a control, such as "SCROLLBAR" and "TRACKBAR", but a class name can also refer to a group of elements that do not correspond to a particular control, such as "EXPLORERBAR" and "STARTPANEL".

有关视觉样式类、部件和状态的详细信息,请参阅 Windows Shell 文档中的 "部件和状态" more information on visual style classes, parts, and states, see "Parts and States" in the Windows Shell documentation at