FrameworkElement.ToolTipClosing Event


在元素上的任何工具提示关闭之前发生。Occurs just before any tooltip on the element is closed.

 event System::Windows::Controls::ToolTipEventHandler ^ ToolTipClosing;
public event System.Windows.Controls.ToolTipEventHandler ToolTipClosing;
member this.ToolTipClosing : System.Windows.Controls.ToolTipEventHandler 
Public Custom Event ToolTipClosing As ToolTipEventHandler 


ToolTipClosing 事件标记为 "已处理" 不会取消关闭工具提示。Marking the ToolTipClosing event as handled does not cancel closing the tooltip. 显示工具提示后,关闭工具提示只是为了响应用户与 UI 的交互。Once the tooltip is displayed, closing the tooltip is done only in response to user interaction with the UI.

此事件不能是样式中的 EventTriggerThis event cannot be an EventTrigger in a style. 这是因为此事件的 "标识符" 字段会重新使用服务中的实现,该实现不会公开服务级别事件的 add/remove 事件方法。This is because the identifier field of this event re-uses an implementation from a service that does not expose add/remove event methods for the service-level event.

路由事件信息Routed Event Information

标识符字段Identifier field ToolTipClosingEvent
路由策略Routing strategy 直接Direct
委托Delegate ToolTipEventHandler

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