XmlSchemaCompilationSettings XmlSchemaCompilationSettings XmlSchemaCompilationSettings XmlSchemaCompilationSettings Class


XmlSchemaSet 类提供架构编译选项。该类不能被继承。Provides schema compilation options for the XmlSchemaSet class This class cannot be inherited.

public ref class XmlSchemaCompilationSettings sealed
public sealed class XmlSchemaCompilationSettings
type XmlSchemaCompilationSettings = class
Public NotInheritable Class XmlSchemaCompilationSettings


XmlSchemaCompilationSettings类提供的架构编译选项XmlSchemaSet类。The XmlSchemaCompilationSettings class provides schema compilation options for the XmlSchemaSet class. 例如,EnableUpaCheck属性指定XmlSchemaSet应检查唯一粒子归属 (UPA) 冲突时中的架构XmlSchemaSet进行编译。For example, the EnableUpaCheck property specifies that the XmlSchemaSet should check for Unique Particle Attribution (UPA) violations when schemas in the XmlSchemaSet are compiled.


XmlSchemaCompilationSettings() XmlSchemaCompilationSettings() XmlSchemaCompilationSettings() XmlSchemaCompilationSettings()

初始化 XmlSchemaCompilationSettings 类的新实例。Initializes a new instance of the XmlSchemaCompilationSettings class.


EnableUpaCheck EnableUpaCheck EnableUpaCheck EnableUpaCheck

获取或设置一个值,该值指示 XmlSchemaSet 是否应检查唯一粒子属性 (UPA) 冲突。Gets or sets a value indicating whether the XmlSchemaSet should check for Unique Particle Attribution (UPA) violations.


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