XmlSerializationReadCallback 委托


XmlSerializer 类为了对 SOAP 编码的非根 XML 数据的类型进行反序列化而使用的委托。Delegate used by the XmlSerializer class for deserialization of types from SOAP-encoded, non-root XML data.

此 API 支持产品基础结构,不能在代码中直接使用。

public delegate System::Object ^ XmlSerializationReadCallback();
public delegate object XmlSerializationReadCallback();
type XmlSerializationReadCallback = delegate of unit -> obj
Public Delegate Function XmlSerializationReadCallback() As Object 



由回调返回的对象。The object returned by the callback.



初始化过程中,.NET Framework XML 序列化基础结构动态生成和编译的临时类,用于反序列化派生自XmlSerializationReader类。During initialization, the .NET Framework XML serialization infrastructure dynamically generates and compiles a temporary class for deserialization derived from the XmlSerializationReader class. 在此过程中,.NET Framework 生成读取的方法来实现XmlSerializationReadCallback委托。During this process, the .NET Framework generates read methods that implement the XmlSerializationReadCallback delegate. 它会因此对于某些.NET Framework 类型和 XML 数据类型通过 SOAP 编码的 XML 序列化并不是根元素之间的映射。It does so for certain mappings between .NET Framework types and XML data types that are serialized through SOAP-encoded XML and are not root elements. 然后,根据需要,反序列化期间调用读取的方法。Then, as necessary, a read method is called during deserialization.

不要直接创建的实例XmlSerializationReadCallback类。Do not directly create instances of the XmlSerializationReadCallback class.

SOAP 编码为 SOAP 1.1 规范的第 5 节中所述。SOAP encoding is described in Section 5 of the SOAP 1.1 specification.



获取指示指定委托表示的方法的对象。Gets an object that represents the method represented by the specified delegate.