.NET Framework 工具.NET Framework Tools

您可以使用 .NET Framework 工具轻松创建、部署和管理面向 .NET Framework 的应用程序和组件。The .NET Framework tools make it easier for you to create, deploy, and manage applications and components that target the .NET Framework.

此节中介绍的大部分 .NET Framework 工具将自动随 Visual Studio 一起安装。Most of the .NET Framework tools described in this section are automatically installed with Visual Studio. Visual Studio 可从 Visual Studio 下载页面下载。To download Visual Studio, visit the Visual Studio Downloads page.

你可以从命令行运行除程序集缓存查看器 (Shfusion.dll) 之外的所有工具 。You can run all the tools from the command line with the exception of the Assembly Cache Viewer (Shfusion.dll). 必须从文件资源管理器访问 Shfusion.dll 。You must access Shfusion.dll from File Explorer.

运行命令行工具的最佳方法是使用 Visual Studio 的开发人员命令提示。The best way to run the command-line tools is by using the Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio. 您可以使用这些实用程序轻松运行工具,而不需要导航到安装文件夹。These utilities enable you to run the tools easily, without navigating to the installation folder. 有关详细信息,请参阅命令提示For more information, see Command Prompts.


某些工具特定于 32 位或 64 位计算机。Some tools are specific to either 32-bit computers or 64-bit computers. 确保为你的计算机运行适当的工具版本。Be sure to run the appropriate version of the tool for your computer.

本节内容In this section

  • WPF 工具WPF Tools
    包括 isXPS 合规性工具 (isXPS.exe) 和性能分析工具等工具。Includes tools such as the isXPS Conformance tool (isXPS.exe) and performance profiling tools.

  • Windows Communication Foundation 工具Windows Communication Foundation Tools
    包括多种工具,可使创建、部署和管理 Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 应用程序更加容易。Includes tools that make it easier for you to create, deploy, and manage Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications.