SyncFolderHierarchyResponseMessage元素包含单个SyncFolderHierarchy 操作请求的状态和结果。The SyncFolderHierarchyResponseMessage element contains the status and result of a single SyncFolderHierarchy operation request.

<SyncFolderHierarchyResponseMessage ResponseClass="">


属性和元素Attributes and elements

下面各部分介绍了属性、子元素和父元素。The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


属性Attribute 说明Description
描述SyncFolderHierarchy 操作响应的状态。Describes the status of a SyncFolderHierarchy operation response.

以下值对此属性有效:The following values are valid for this attribute:

-成功- Success
-警告- Warning
-错误- Error

ResponseClass 属性值ResponseClass attribute values

Value 说明Description
描述已完成的请求。Describes a request that is fulfilled.
介绍未处理的请求。Describes a request that was not processed. 如果在处理请求中的项目时出现错误,并且无法处理后续项目,则可能会返回一个警告。A warning may be returned if an error occurred while an item in the request was processing and subsequent items could not be processed.

以下是警告源的示例:The following are examples of sources of warnings:

-Exchange 存储在批处理过程中处于脱机状态。- The Exchange store is offline during the batch.
-Active Directory 域服务(AD DS)处于脱机状态。- Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) is offline.
-邮箱已移动。- Mailboxes were moved.
-邮件数据库(MDB)处于脱机状态。- The message database (MDB) is offline.
-密码已过期。- A password has expired.
-已超出配额。- A quota has been exceeded.
介绍无法满足的请求。Describes a request that cannot be fulfilled.

以下是错误源的示例:The following are examples of sources of errors:

-属性或元素无效- Invalid attributes or elements
-超出范围的属性或元素- Attributes or elements that are out of range
-未知标记- An unknown tag
-上下文中无效的属性或元素- An attribute or element that is not valid in the context
-任何客户端进行未经授权的访问尝试- An unauthorized access attempt by any client
-响应有效客户端调用的服务器端故障- A server-side failure in response to a valid client-side call

有关错误的信息可以在ResponseCodeMessageText元素中找到。Information about the error can be found in the ResponseCode and MessageText elements.

子元素Child elements

元素Element 描述Description
提供响应状态的文本说明。Provides a text description of the status of the response.
提供用于标识请求遇到的特定错误的错误代码。Provides an error code that identifies the specific error that the request encountered.
当前未使用,并保留以供将来使用。Currently unused and is reserved for future use. 它包含值0。It contains a value of 0.
提供其他错误响应信息。Provides additional error response information.
包含在每次成功请求后更新的、base64 编码的格式的同步数据。Contains a base64-encoded form of the synchronization data that is updated after each successful request. 这用于标识同步状态。This is used to identify the synchronization state.
指示是否已在响应中包含要同步的最后一个项目。Indicates whether the last item to synchronize has been included in the response.
更改(层次结构)Changes (Hierarchy)
包含更改类型的序列数组,这些类型表示客户端上的项与 Exchange 服务器上的项之间的差异类型。Contains a sequence array of change types that represent the types of differences between the items on the client and the items on the Exchange server.

父元素Parent elements

元素Element 描述Description
包含 Exchange Web 服务请求的响应消息。Contains the response messages for an Exchange Web Services request.


描述此元素的架构位于运行 Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 且安装了客户端访问服务器角色的计算机的 EWS 虚拟目录中。The schema that describes this element is located in the EWS virtual directory of the computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 that has the Client Access server role installed.

元素信息Element information

架构名称Schema Name
消息架构Messages schema
验证文件Validation File
可以为空Can be Empty

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