printTask 资源类型printTask resource type

命名空间:microsoft.graphNamespace: microsoft.graph


Microsoft 暂时提供云打印 API 的使用,以免费管理通用打印。Microsoft is temporarily offering usage of the cloud printing APIs to manage Universal Print at no charge. Microsoft 将在未来收取使用部分或所有此类 API 的费用。Microsoft expects to charge for the use of some or all of these APIs in the future. Microsoft 将提供定价更改的高级通知。Microsoft will provide advanced notice of pricing changes.

表示由于通用打印事件而正在执行或已执行的任务。Represents a task that is executing or has been executed as a result of a Universal Print event.

有关如何使用此资源向通用打印添加拉页打印支持的详细信息,请参阅 扩展通用打印以支持下拉打印For details about how to use this resource to add pull printing support to Universal Print, see Extending Universal Print to support pull printing.


方法Method 返回类型Return type DescriptionDescription
列出 (taskDefintion) List (from printTaskDefintion) printTaskprintTask 获取基于特定 printTaskDefinition 创建的任务列表。Get a list of tasks that have been created based on a particular printTaskDefinition. 该列表包括当前运行的任务和最近完成的任务。The list includes currently running tasks and recently completed tasks.
获取Get printTaskprintTask 获取有关打印任务的详细信息。Get details about a print task.
更新Update printTaskprintTask 更新打印任务。Updates a print task.


属性Property 类型Type 说明Description
idid StringString printTask 的标识符。The printTask's identifier. 只读。Read-only.
状态status printTaskStatusprintTaskStatus 此 printTask 的当前执行状态。The current execution status of this printTask. 除非相关 printJob 已重定向到另一台打印机,否则调用应用程序负责在处理完成时更新此状态。The calling application is responsible for updating this status when processing is finished, unless the related printJob has been redirected to another printer. 未能报告完成操作将导致相关打印作业被阻止打印并最终被删除。Failure to report completion will result in the related print job being blocked from printing and eventually deleted.
parentUrlparentUrl StringString 触发此任务的打印实体的 URL。The URL for the print entity that triggered this task. 例如,{printerId}/jobs/{jobId}For example,{printerId}/jobs/{jobId}. 只读。Read-only.


关系Relationship 类型Type DescriptionDescription
triggertrigger printTaskTriggerprintTaskTrigger 触发此任务执行的 printTaskTrigger。The printTaskTrigger that triggered this task's execution. 只读。Read-only.
definitiondefinition printTaskDefinitionprintTaskDefinition 用于创建此任务的 printTaskDefinition。The printTaskDefinition that was used to create this task. 只读。Read-only.

JSON 表示形式JSON representation

下面是资源的 JSON 表示形式。The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "@odata.type": "#microsoft.graph.printTask",
  "id": "String (identifier)",
  "status": {
    "@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.printTaskStatus"
  "parentUrl": "String"