Lync Server 2013 中的设备更新 Web 服务Device Update Web service in Lync Server 2013


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Lync Server 包括设备更新 Web 服务,该服务将作为 Web 服务角色的一部分自动安装。Lync Server includes the Device Update Web service, which is automatically installed as part of the Web Services role. 此服务允许你从 Microsoft 下载更新,对其进行测试,然后将更新部署到组织中的 IP 电话。This service lets you download updates from Microsoft, test them, and then deploy the updates to IP phones in your organization. 还可以使用设备更新 Web 服务将设备回滚到之前的软件版本。You can also use Device Update Web service to roll back devices to previous software versions.

本节提供有关如何使用设备更新日志管理设备更新 Web 服务和部署更新的详细信息,rules (Lync Phone Edition 使用 规则 将固件版本更新与硬件设备关联) 和配置设置。This section provides details about how to manage the Device Update Web service and deployed updates by using device update logs, rules (Lync Phone Edition uses rules to associate firmware version updates with hardware devices), and configuration settings.

有关设备更新 Web 服务进程和功能的详细信息,请参阅更新 Lync Server 2010 TechNet 库中的 设备For details about the Device Update Web service process and features, see Updating Devices in the Lync Server 2010 TechNet Library. (请注意,与 lync Server 2010 一样,设备更新 Web 服务(如所有 Lync Phone Edition 组件)的工作方式与 lync server 2013 相同。 ) (Note that the Device Update Web service, like all Lync Phone Edition components, works the same way with Lync Server 2013 as it does with Lync Server 2010.)